Please, could you answer me if ...

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  1. Hi, everybody!

    I'm in doubt about some characteristics of Marc Jacobs clutches... but I'm not used to them ... because I only have Marc by Marc Jacobs ones ... so I'm asking you ... .

    Can these clutches come with LAMPO zippers instead of RIRI zippers? Can the tag attached come with a white string instead of the usual black one (shown on the photo enclosed)?

    I'd appreciate if someone could help me with these 2 questions!!!


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  2. No white strings....stay away
  3. Don't know all of the answers about clutches... but white string... a no-no... atleast I think they still are.
  4. some clutches have lampo - some riri so you're best off putting in authenticate this if in doubt.
  5. The zippers are dependent on the style/season but they mostly use Riri. White strings are always a no-no. There are plenty of fake ZCs so you should have any one you are considering authenticated before bidding/buying.