Please could someone show me a Cognac

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  1. Hi, I was looking at the Caramel thread and the colour is amazing, but wondered what the Cognac looks like. What colour would you think was best?

    If anyone has a Cognac Bal. Bag could they please post pictures so that I could see, any style is fine. Thanks for your help
  2. saich2 maybe I'm wrong here but what some people call cognac is the ss 06 camel...
  3. Is it, I know so little about Bal. bags, so the 06 Caramel is a Cognac, their is not a separate colour.

  4. Yes that's is the spring summer 06 camel not to be mixed up with the fall 06 camel. There were two camels in 06 one in ss the other in fall and the ss one is also called cognac to avoid the confusion since both 06 camels are diffrent colors!

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season

    I was very confused:confused1: a while ago as well especially since some vary even in the same color a lot.
  5. OMG - I think you need a degree when sorting out these bags confusing. Lovely colours all of the Caramel/Cognac ones. Thanks so much Catcat for your help
  6. Them colour codes is a brilliant link, it looks like SS 06 is more veiny then FW 06 which one would you think is the richer colour
  7. Thank you Catcat, thats just what I wanted, brilliant tread. Love the SS 06 Day.
  8. :nuts: :roflmfao::roflmfao: Very true! :yes:
  9. JEEZ! I just checked ateliar.naff and realized there were FOUR Browns for 06

    cognac - spring
    truffle - prefall
    marron - fall
    camel - fall
  10. prefall 05 had the one called Caramel and also had fall 05 Chocolate