Please could someone let me know how much was the original Cerise Speedy in 25

  1. thank you :biggrin:
  2. $995
  3. Thank you.

    wow that means that the prices I have seen on ebay are a massive mark up :cry:

    (sniffle) i want it so much. Im currently looking at one on Let-trade. Hope its a reputable dealer, the problem is that I cant afford too much of a mark up on the original price.
  4. Let-trade is a reputable seller, I think a few members here have bought from him (I think it's a guy?).

    Good luck! :nuts:
  5. There's a markup because you can't find it at the boutiques anymore. Lucky for those who do own it!
  6. I bought my cerises speedy from let-trade and its definitly authentic and beautiful. Let-trade is a great seller. Mine was around $830 but it was used and didn't come w/dustbag or lock.

    If you are gonna get one, I would buy it asap b/c the prices are just gonna get higher.