Please convince me to wait to buy from Damier Azur collection...

  1. W/ the holidays coming up I'm trying to be really responsible and not buy myself gifts for a few months. However I'm on the waitlist for a damier azur speedy 25 and pochette. Should I get them now b/c of the price increase or should I be a good girl and wait until spring when I'll actually use them?
  2. Hi Chiclawyer.
    Honestly, I feel you won't be able to wait until Spring. Sorry I can't convince you. But if you feel you can wait, then wait. But sounds like you really really really really really really can't wait for the Azur Speedy 25 and Pochette. :love:
  3. does the azur speedy 25 cost the same as the regular damier 25?
  4. Just wait if you feel like you need to, the price increase won't be monumental and they'll still be there when you're ready to buy.
  5. Wait to see if you REALLY like it first. Then decide, you have plenty of time!!!
  6. I got to touch a real Azure last night, the SA showed me the Saleya MM, the Speedy 30 and the pochette cles. So far the prices are the same as the regular Damier line and she hasn't yet heard of a price increase (but she said they got 2wks notice b4 the last increase). She also said that it isn't supposed to be a limited edition. The canvas is 'untreated' but she said the wear and cleaning is the same. I like it because it isn't as structured and a little bit more pliable. What I like about the Saleya is that the straps are longer than the regular Damier making it easier to put over your shoulder. I'm on the waitlist because I think it is just beautiful! Just go for it!
  7. so the canvas is not coated like mono or damier? IOt is light colored AND uncoated???? YIKES!
  8. :wtf: tell me it ain't true!! But really, u should wait it out and see the bags IRL first...afterall it's a perm line and the ones u r looking for aren't LE...
  9. Please wait and see if you really love it.
  10. I saw a few of the small pieces on display in SF today. Very pretty! I would really like to get the mini pochette. :yahoo: Sorry, I'm not much help! Also, it looked coated to me but I didn't get a chance to feel it. :shrugs:
  11. Great advice! You may luck out and hate it and end up saving the money! LOL :smile:

    BTW, it is coated.
  12. The bags will still be there when you are ready to buy and the price will still be the same. The Azur will launch with the price increase included.
  13. is coated or it isnt coated?
  14. In the close ups in the vuitton website they seem coated to me. LOL, I think it's hard to wait to buy! -But then again, I am an impulse shopper.
  15. There was a big thread on this before...I think it was finally determined that it is coated...

    I think the confusion is the term untreated.

    I hear you on trying to wait....I am lucky I don't love any of the styles right now, so it won't be a stretch for me. If the color matches my blue antigua I will get cles, and the mini pouchette...but no bags for me.