please convince me to buy this now

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  1. [​IMG]

    i have a coupon code for the botkier site that brings it down to $561, and i loooooooove it, but i just bought another bag and i don't know if i should spend the money right now :-/

    so....please convince me to spend it!
  2. haha well if you want it and won't go hungry do it! :biggrin: I buy bags one right after the other usually, within days etc. Great feeling.
  3. If it won't put you in debt, do it. Treat yourself!
  4. It's supercute....and you have a coupon? Where can one find such a coupon? ;)
  5. - it's a good online shopping resource
  6. Thanks for sharing!:biggrin:
  7. Exactly if you've got your priorities taken care of.. why not? ;)
  8. did u get it
  9. not yet...i'm still all conflicted...the marc jacobs adina, which i adore, is on sale on the saks website for $840...

    ahhhh too many bags too little cash
  10. thats all ways the case , but which one do u want the most
  11. Oh.....the Marc Jacobs Adina is really cute. I don't think you can go wrong with either bag. Let us know what you decide!
  12. ahhhhhhh i looooooove the adina and it's on sale in the color i wanted, ivory, making it the perfect summer AND winter bag.

    i think i'm going to make another thread so everyone can help me decide, because i seriously need some assistance with this one.
  13. I just read this thread and went to SAKS.COM and bought the Adina (Please, please, let it not be the last one! I'd feel horrible!). I'd been thinking about that bag for a while. The 40% off was the clincher.

    I vote, HANDS DOWN, for the Adina over the Botkier.
  14. are you only in love with this particular color in blue? I have this same stirrup Botkier bag in brownish suede with metallic brown handles, never used and Brand new with the tags still intact, which I was planning to sell on ebay soon for about $400.
    I myself own the Botkier luxe trigger in moss green given to me by my husband, and the Botkier holster in cognac.

    BTW, I'm new here--great forum and wonderful posts/info on amazing bags!;) :love:
  15. haha, if that was the last one, you and i are going to FIGHT!