Please convince me to buy "DAY", some question on WORK too.

  1. I have Cities, Twiggy, First and planning to buy Work...

    Re: DAY
    I would love to have DAY, I tried it on and it looks great on me BUT... I am afraid that it would expand and become ugly once all my stuff are in that stretchable/expandable bag and it would look like a bloated whale (?). Day looks nice empty though.

    Please put in some nice words about DAY that would compel me to buy one.

    RE: WORK
    Whats a nice color for Work? Does the handle stretch too so I can carry it over the shoulder?

    I'm so excited to buy another (maybe 2 or 3) Balenciaga. Its been more than 6 months and this B bag fever is still raging on!!
  2. here's a photo of my day accompanying me at lunch.. yes she is IN THE GRASS. :0 sorry for the unpicturesque sandwich.

    the day is so awesome because it holds so much, can be dressed up or down, goes with anything...i have been using this particular one steadily for months and it hasn't stretched..i can't wait to buy another in a brighter colour.

    i say go for it!


    in the bag in this photo: large makeup bag, gloves, keys, small perfume bottle, wallet, the rest of my lunch.
  3. I have both a day and a work..They're both awesome but in different style. I think that if you're worried about your day stretching/'ll be the same issue with your work, since both can hold so much (and one tends to put a lot in b/c of that). Both of mine haven't really noticeably stretch and I've been using them so much..My work is a little older and I've been using her for almost a year..this is how she's looking right now.


    Sorry I don't have one of me carrying her since I'm overseas and didn't bring my work with me..Hope this helps somewhat though!

    without the stretching/expanding issue..both DAY and WORK are equally attractive. Though I prefer my day since she looks better when carried over my shoulder than a WORK, and that's how i usually carry my bag. Though WORK looks better carried on the arm...So, I guess if you're torn btw both their beauties, noticing how you like to carry your bag around..

    Oh yeah, and WORK can be carried over my shoulder too, you don't need to wait for it to stretch.

    GOod luck with your decision!!
  4. [​IMG]

    This is the day bag full to the rim!! :smile: Hope this convinces you enough :p ...

    This is a pic of what's inside ..

  5. by far, Day is my favorite style, city comes second. i actually feel the opposite, i think day looks better when it's "stuffed", ;) lol,at least have something in it.
    it does tend to "strech" a bit after holding overweighted things for a long period(ex.2 giant hardcover textbooks+a binder) *the bag does come back to normal after a bit.
    <i usually use the Work w/ that much> w/ my earilier year's Work, it's fine, coz i'm able to put it over my shoulder, my only Work from 06 is harder&thicker, so it's really hard to carry when it's really heavy.
    :drool: maybe it's just me I always feel the leather of the Day bags are softer compare to other styles from the same year.
    :sad: I noticed that the "natural shining" of leather on Day faded away a little faster than other styles, maybe it's due to the high frequency i use the bags and I try to avoid using product on my bags.

    u can't go wrong w/ the day, it is the IDEAL bag for "daily" use. :yahoo:

    ---the nuts who owns 4 day:sweatdrop:

    P.S.i'm thinking about getting another Day, a pony, actually, does anyone out there owns one? i haven't seen it IRL, the pic looks very interesting.
  6. ^^
    both evilarchitect and his angel's Day looks :drool:

    maybe i'm just a dark person indeed, the lightest color i have is Lilac(a work) ,i'm kinda scared to buy a light Day since I use it everyday. but very tempting...
  7. The day is by far my favorite style. I also just got my first work and am very happy w/ that too. I would go for the day!
  8. I don't own a work, but LOVE my Day. It took me a while to come around to the style, but now it's my most-used bag. It sits so comfortably on the shoulder, and distributes the weight very well - if I carried the same amount of stuff in my hand or in the crook of my arm, it would fall off.
    And it looks great stuffed or empty :yes:
  9. I don't currently have a day, but have enjoyed carrying this style. I wouldn't worry about it ever looking too stuffed or expanded. It can fit a huge amount and still look great.
  10. The day looks great full as well as empty. On the other hand, the work doesn't look great when its full or empty, but only somewhere in between. It is tough to get on the shoulder and requires some serious stretching for it to sit comfortably.
  11. Thanks for all your comments.

    I'm almost convinced to get the Day ..just some questions: if I put a bottle of water and/or umbrella...will the bottom elongate a lot?

    I have touched the "Day" leather, it felt softer than City and Work.
  12. With the Day, it's a question of balancing. If you put an umbrella on one side, and a bottle of water on another, it should be ok. Or if you lay an umbrella at the bottom of the bag it should be ok too.
    Or, you could put a book on the bottom and stack oddly-shaped objects on top of it :yes:
  13. That's all that matters! It will look even better with your stuff inside. I LOVE the Day but it doesn't look good on me. If it does, you need to rocketh... :boxing:
  14. KNN, do it, you won't be sorry! :smile:
  15. I have a french blue day, and I love the shape. I would want to have one with a Giant Hardware...when....not sure yet though. An aquamarine or blue glacier sound tempting!