Please convince me that i made the right decision! :(

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    so a couple of months ago i had bought the tivoli gm which i loved! then i came home with her and wore her around the house for a while just to find that it was a little too bulky on my frame...the main thing was the bottom ( the base of this bag was really wide) making it look funny when carried on the shoulder. if felt like my arm was hanging 2 meters away from my body when i carried it. does anyone else have this problem with the tivoli??

    i then decided to exchange it for the beautiful mono galliera pm. which i also loved! it was much more comfortable to carry. however, recently ive been feeling as tho the galliera is too much with all the gold hardware and the gold plaque...and i hate feeling this way about her :sad:. the gold makes it hard for me to match outfits with. does anyone else feel this way about the galliera?

    finally, do you guys think i made the right decision for getting the galliera?
    should i re-buy the tivoli gm?

  2. post some pics maybe that would help ! By the way I also was debating between the two bags, I thought galliera fits better on the shoulder but the piping down the bag bothers me for some reason.
    The tivoli gm, also was a bit bulky on my when I tried it my search for the perfect shoulder bag thinking neverfull for an everyday bag.
  3. There's nothing "tacky" about the Galliera, IMO. It's a gorgeous bag. If you are really missing the Tivoli, buy it again.
  4. I personally love my Galliera.
  5. I've had the Galliera, and while I don't find it tacky, I do prefer the Tivoli GM. BTW, I do agree that the gold plate can be a little ostentatious for some. You're definitely entitled to feel that way.

    If you're not happy, exchange it. That's a lot of money to spend on something that you're not happy with.
  6. Why not try the trevi! A little more understated, but gorgeous!!
  7. I love my galliera! I often wear the plate against my body, cause it is a lot of "bling" sometimes! I am not a fan of the purse your returned, so I think that was a good decision!
  8. I have the Galliera (mono) too and I for one really like the gold plate! I think it gives the bag that something extra that makes it stand a bit more out than a regular mono LV. Personally I don´t find it difficult to dress up or down, I think it´s a really casual yet chic bag. To me it´s one of my "safe" bags that I can always wear no matter what I´m doing or where I´m going :smile:
  9. I love the Galliera, I don't think the placard is too much, and it goes with everything, have not found any outfit it does not match. I say keep the Galliera!! it is a beauty!!
  10. thank you guys! your making me feel much better about my choice! deep down i know the galliera really is a gorgeous bag i guess i was just having one of those moments :S
  11. lol yep thats exactly how i feel...but i think your right...even with its "bling" it still is one of the nicer bags out there....and i think you guys have convinced me that its better then the tiovli.....i feel much better...thank you all!
  12. The galliera is beautiful! I cant wait to her one for my sister and my mom! Its so gorgeous to look at and the comfy factor is a huge huge PLUS. You made the right decision. Its one of my fave. purses, and yet, I still turn my head when I see other women wearing it. soooo pretty. Enjoy it =)
  13. I have a azur galliera and I LOVE it. It is my favorite LV shoulder bag. I thing you made the right decision for sure. If you do not like the plaque wear it so it can not be seen. Wear that side against your body.
  14. Haha you love your trevi dont you :smile:
  15. You gotta work that bag girlie!! Hehe..