Please convince me I did the right thing!!!

  1. I bought the MC White Shirley b/c I fell die hard in love with it.:love: The problem is that I don't use clutch bags! I figured I would use this beautiful Shirley to hold my essentials inside my big bags.

    Did I make a mistake??? Was it a dumb purchase? Let me know your thoughts? Does anyone else use the Shirley to hold essentials or make-up inside their bag?

    :heart: Thanks!:heart:
  2. Will you use the bag other than to carry things inside you bigger bags?
  3. Well..I think the Shirley is a pretty pricey bag to keep inside another bag. I'd only use that as a clutch or evening bag and get a pochette which is a much cheaper alternative (and holds more, too).
  4. That's a fantastic bag. You can use it inside of larger purses OR for an evening out. Enjoy it - take it out!
    I don't have a Shirley, but would LOVE to have one.
  5. Well it has a strap right? So you could also use it for an evening bag or when you don't want to carry a big bag. It is such a cute bag...I don't think it's a mistake at all!!
  6. I love this bag too, have you tried using it with the shoulder strap?

    I wouldn't use it in another bag because of the strap and the zipper. It would drive me crazy.
  7. I just will not carry a tiny bag! LOL The only option I have is to use it to hold my essentials/make-up! I know I sound like I'm being crazy but I love the look of this bag so much.
  8. It is a great shoulder bag, though too! I love it's petite shape. I'm a small bag person at heart though. ;)
  9. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!:heart: I think I will keep it and use in my bag!!! I traded something for this so I didn't buy at full retail but it still cost me!
  10. I'm so opposite!:p LOL~ I am a big bag lover!!!
  11. The strap is detachable so I would remove it completely.
  12. If money is no issue then that's a great make up bag! I :heart: the shirley and if I had her I'd never hide her away. At least you'll have that eye candy every time you gaze down in to your purse.:smile:
  13. i think it's a great purchase! it's very cute! congrats! give yourself a pat on the back and stop worrying!!! :biggrin:
  14. just use it. love it . and love it some more! it's cheaper than some pieces of art you could be buying and it will make you happier to look at and use!
  15. This is pretty bag, I think too pretty to be inside the bag..
    But if you like it, why not..pretty bag inside a pretty bag..nothing wrong with that..