Please convince me as to why a vernis Sarah wallet is worth the price. :)

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  1. I went to look at them today and fell in LOVE with how well laid out they were, and was impressed by the fact that they actually aren't very bulky! However, the price tag is holding me back. It is just a wallet, after all! I bought my brand new Balenciaga Day bag for only $235 more than the cost of this wallet...

    Justify it for me.
  2. Sorry but if it takes someone else to convince you it is "worth it" it will never be worth it to you. No can do!

    (Oh, and please don't take me as being mean because I am not!)
  3. I know the wallets are expensive but look at it this way you will have it for years.
  4. Unfortunately, OP, I have to agree with DesigningStyle on this one... :sad:
    I'd say if you really like it, you would know if you want to purchase it or not.
    (For instance, I would almost always go for a vernis piece over a monogram piece, but it's because I really like my vernis! ^_^)

    HTH, and good luck with your decision!
  5. Cost per wear is the way I look at it. I have used my monogram porte tresor international wallet every day for well over 10 years. Even at today's prices, 10 years of use would be about five cents per day. For a beautiful wallet that makes me proud and happy every time I use it - that's worth every penny. Now I will say - Vernis isn't going to last that long (it will blacken a bit around the edges and show more wear and you'll have to be a little more careful), but if you take care with it, it will still give you many good years. The quality is outstanding on most of them (steer clear of ones like the Insolite, or light colors, or multicolor where the silk screening will chip) and go with a classic style that doesn't have a lot of brass hardware to discolor, and you will have a wallet that will last you a really really long time. My mono porte tresor international wallet still looks almost brand new and it's been dropped, thrown around and used to death. Granted, the damier or mono print are the ones that can take that kind of beating. I did buy a framboise zippy, but don't use it as much because it does show any kind of wear or spots.
  6. I also love the Sarah wallet but just can't justify the price :nono: the only way I'd get one is if it was a gift ;) Have you considered the new wallets the emilie or josephine?
  7. I agree with charleston-mom, it works out if you do a cost per wear. I don't switch wallet so it's great to have one you ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

    Everytime I look at my wallet I smile. Totally makes it worth it.
  8. you will use it everyday!!! I know they are expensive but so worth it
  9. Well, the Sarah vernis isn't that much more expensive than a mono with the same capacity. If you REALLY love it, I believe you'll 'get over' or forgot how much you spent on it over time (unless you really don't have the funds for it-outstanding cc bills etc). I justified the price for my Sarah Vernis (didn't tell DH though lol) but now I plan on exchanging it for a mono because I just can't live with the upkeep of keeping it smudge-free; I'm too OCD I guess. I only love it in amarante though- the other colors look too bold and plastic-y for me (JMHO) I will sacrifce my love for it and get a more carefree mono.
    Good luck with your decision!
  10. I personally am like you... I don't see the point in a vernis wallet because I'm afraid of fingerprints, color transfer, scratches. I'm rough with wallets.
    I'm never going to buy a wallet over 400$ because I just... don't see the value, since there are so many wallets that are just as durable for much less.
  11. I love the sarah! It is my fav wallet ever!
  12. Think of it on a per use basis - I have many bags and switch often, but rarely switch wallets. A wallet gets an incredible amount of wear that way, so if you would do the same, it's not bad for that sticker price. :yes:
  13. u use wallet ALL the time
  14. Unfortunately, I swapped my Monogram Vernis Sarah Wallet in Pomme D'Amour for a Speedy 30. :shrugs:

    I wanted a handbag more than the wallet, but that's because I got my LV wallet fix already and was already contemplating the Monogram Speedy. :thinking:

    I thought the Pomme D'Amour Vernis Sarah Wallet was just too posh :cutesy: for a casual gal like me. I couldn't pull it off. I am more of a ZCP gal overall.

    So, that's my reason. :smile:
  15. Well...if the desire matches the price tag then it's worth it.