Please confirm: Is she wearing the Papillon 30?

  1. Is Dwyane Wade's wife wearing a Papillon 30? If so, then me wanty!!!:love: :lol: I had no idea that it would go over the shoulder like that. It looks so functional!


  2. Yes.:yes:
  3. Thanks LV addict!!! Do you use yours a lot?
  4. Check it out in Damier too Buttery, gorgeous! Edit to ask who is Dwane Wade?
  5. He's a basketball player for the Miami Heat.
  6. are u sure he's married?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    ugH... what a Heart break!!!
  7. Ahhh, interesting to see athletes with a non-stripper looking wives :idea: :idea:
  8. ALL THE TIME in the fall!!!:love: LOVE IT!
  9. yes, it's a papillon.
  10. That's her before her makeover.:rolleyes: This is an after pic.:biggrin: She wears this HUGE diamond ring now. She got some serious upgrades.:lol:

  11. It looks like a lot can fit in there! I'm hoping so. Another bag for the wish list.:rolleyes: :shame: :lol:
  12. Yes, that's a mono pap 30!
  13. OMG! Wow!
  14. You and me both!:lol:
  15. It's a GREAT bag! I recommend it!
    Here are some pics of Angie Harmon and Liz Hurley with their Pap. 30:
    ff6868830054ae03a028520241c49b09.jpg R000-3404.jpg R000-6289.jpg R000-6291.jpg
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