please comfort me about my Damier Pochette Wallet

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  1. hello everyone! i just went to a LV boutique and bought a display Damier Pochette Wallet and i feel sort of bad about it just feels like i bought something "used." technically speaking a lot of their stuff has been touched before by many people. it's just that i know for sure that one is for display b/c it's inside those drawers full of other Damier wallets. the reason why i got it anyway was b/c i was looking for a long time for a wallet... and i finally found that one over the PTI... then later when i was already prepared to pay for the Pochette Wallet... she told me they don't have any in the back and that the only ones in stock are the ones on display. i didn't want to get the PTI anymore... so i chose to get the best display one.

    has anyone had this happened to? also... is it almost the same as getting one that's more new... since i THINK they let other people touch the new ones they actually sell too. i just feel bad about it... nothing seems wrong with it at all but it's just a mind thinking. also... the white tag isn't in the wallet anymore since it was actually the price tag in the display. the yellowish LV tag is in there though. thank you!
  2. Honestly, I don't care if it's a display item. I only care about the quality of it. I try try to check if there are any serious issues with stitching or anything. I'm not too anal about it. My SA usually grabs me a new one but if they don't have one, I don't worry about it. Most of the bags in the drawers have been touched by other customers anyways, including the ones with plastics still on them.
  3. I'd agree with that.If I had any LV...I wouldn't mind...:P
  4. yeah... thanks a lot for the comfort. i'm like feeling more towards happy for sure b/c i just love the Pochette Wallet design. it suits me so well... a lot better than the PTI. but yeah... the only prob i had with it was that it wasn't new-new but like i already know and also you mention that many of the "new" bags are also touched. so i guess it really doesn't matter at the end. thanks a lot for the comfort.

    i just have a question though... are all stitchings on a wallet supposed to be ALL even? i opened the zipper compartment and i found that the stitching wasn't even inside... like it's going downwards towards the middle to the end/edge. is that normal? thanks!
  5. Maybe you want to post a picture of the stitching for us to see?

    I experienced this before..cos when I wanted to buy a pap 30, the SA took out one from a drawer (cos none was displayed in the store)..I wanted to compare that with another she went to the storeroom to get another one for me to see..I ended up buying the one in the drawer (as the one in the storeroom was out of shape)..but when I reached home, I suddenly realised that the one I bought could be previously displayed in the glass for people to see and touch, and that she kept this in the drawer as she had to change the window display..hate the ideal of people touching and trying out the bag which I had bought!

    Now trying not to think too much..hahah
  6. Use those alcohol free baby wipes to clean them up, I would, maybe you will feel better about others touching them.
  7. Personally, it's less of an issue if there's no vachetta on it.. and hey, you know that there shouldn't be any imperfections since this display item was supposed to represent the product and they wouldn't put out a faulty item. :graucho:
  8. i prefer mono display items. they arr already patinina'ing
  9. I agree with MJ, I am careful to check the items for quality, but beyond that I am okay if it is display, it really isn't too much of a big deal. My SA has brought "fresh" items from the back that have been in worse shape than the display items, so it really is best to just look each piece over and determine the quality etc. based on the individual piece. I think you made a fine choice.
  10. ^ Great answer!!

    Assuming no vachetta, I think its better to get a perfect display item than one from the back. Also, maybe its not a display item. The keep several of the same item in the drawer so theres a chance the one you got wasnt always the one brought out to show people.