please come see my very new chanel collection*pics*

  1. Hi!

    I have been enjoying my time on the Chanel forum so much. You all are so friendly and welcoming!:flowers:
    My collection is humble, but acquired in only the time I've been here in the last few weeks.
    I got good news today too --a black baby cabas ins coming to me shortly! YAY! I'm so excited!:yahoo:
    I also included some modeling pics!
    Thanks for looking![​IMG]
  2. Love your bags! They looks great on you, beauty!
  3. lovely collection! you look fab with ur bags! thanks for sharing!
  4. You have a great collection.

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. absolutely stunning! all the bags and you!!! you need to smile though! you have a fab collection!! congrats on the new bag!

    your room is so neat i could cry btw! lol
  6. Wonderful collection. Congrats.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! Your bags are lovely too! :smile:
  8. oooh, congrats!!!
    DO you love the Luxe as much as I do?
  9. Great collection. yOu look fabulous. I love the luxe bowler!
  10. Wow! You work fast. Very nice stuff!:drool:
  11. Wow - I am LOVING that white/python cambon. Yeah - that's one wickedly beautiful bag... so sophisticated and yet edgy w/ the python... Mmmmm.

    Gorgeous collection! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  12. You have a very nice collection, I love the Cambon line too!!!
  13. thank you all! :love:

    i love it amanda! thanks again for the advice!

    heather---i am not coordinated enough to take pics and smile...i was not chewing gum either, and my bedroom is messy, that's the guest room! ha!

    whistlerchic--i love the python too, i will model that one come summer when i use it, tucked away for the cold winter here in NJ right now....
  14. lmao. i can't smile when i take pics of myself either!!! and lmao about the guest room.
  15. may i ask you where u got ur black baby cabas from?