Please Come See My Roomboxes

  1. Wow, so beautiful! You must have tons of patience! Simply breathtaking!
  2. Thanks Swanky...........I agree, my house should look so good! :true:
  3. These are incredible, I can't imagine how much patience and skill this must take to do.
  4. I am quite impressed!
  5. Amazing!! Every room is so detailed! It's beautiful!
  6. I love these room boxes!!

    I have always loved Dolls Houses. I think now though the Room Boxes is something I need to move into now floor space is limited.

    How do you source the materials and is it as expensive as doing a Dolls House.

    It looks harder too.
  7. Just come back for another look and to admire!! Tillie, I can't belive how beautiful they are!!! You are amazingly talented!
  8. Thanks everyone.....:blush::blush::blush:
  9. OMG!!!!! You are amazing and so talented! I am seriously speechless, will just keep looking at your pics. :smile:
  10. I'm an interior designer and I really love your boxes.Congratulation.
  11. WOW, from an interior designer...........thank you! BTW, my house really doesn't look half as good as the roomboxes :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  12. wow it's beautiful!!i wish i have that kind of decoration :biggrin:
  13. Not sure if you'll ever have a reason to go to Tucson, but I just went to the brand new mini museum they built there. It's called The Mini Time Machine and is GREAT! They have tons of Brooke Tucker rooms from the past and more recent ones, along with lots of other ones. The place is HUGE, your eyes are all buggy the time you get done!
  14. ^Lvbabydoll, thank you so much for the info on Brooke Tucker. She retired a few years back, and I know she's been selling a lot of her "put abouts". I'm so glad she has her beautiful roomboxes showcased at a museum. I would kill to see it, but I don't think I'll be in Tucson any time in the future. If you're ever in Chicago, check out the Thorne Rooms at the Museum. They are spectacular! :heart:
  15. these are unbelievable. beautiful work!