Please Come See My Roomboxes

  1. very, very nice! i wish i could see them in real life. i wish i was small enough to step into it too!
  2. Wow! Those are absolutely stunning! You have every right to be so proud. You are truly talented.

    My Mom has a roombox that I always thought was so beautiful but it doesn't compare to what you've created!

    Simply amazing! :ps::ps:
  3. Thank you sea_phoenix, and KatsBags. KatsBags, did your mother make her own roombox? :thinking:
  4. tillie your rooms are just amazing. The detail is just stunning.
    Can't wait to see more of your fabulous work.
  5. Here are the rest of the pictures.........Hope you like them!
    DSC04441-1.jpg DSC04440-1.jpg DSC04449-1.jpg DSC04446-1.jpg DSC04447-1.jpg

  6. No, I'm not sure where it came from. It's just always been in her house. I'll have to ask her about it.
  7. Hey T, I just tried to enlarge your photos for you, and they are not enlarging like the ones that I did before. Do you have a photo savvy friend that can help you upload some larger photos - I can always enlarge them for you - but they have to be uploaded in a larger size.

    I'll check back later - I'm at DH's office working right now.

    BTW, I want to live in the little girl's room - I really like how you did it, and how it is not pink. The slate blue color is gorgeous. :smile:
  8. Thanks for trying Kay.........I just e-mailed them to you to see if you could do it that way. Even with's not going well! :pout:
  9. ^I can help too...just let me know.

    I just cannot express how struck I am by these rooms...absolutely amazing!!! the dollhouse within a "dollhouse" in the last pic is incredible. simply gorgeous!!!
  10. Omg those are amazing! I can't believe you made them they are so cute.... :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  11. WOW, these are amazing! I have always loved miniatures, I spent all the money out of my little girl pockets on minis. Yours are beautiful! I can't imagine the work you put into this . . . How long did each one take?
  12. plain jane doe.........I've been working on these roomboxes for about 3 or 4 years. I made a lot of the items in each roombox, but I also travelled around the country, collecting just the right pieces for each room. It's very time intensive, and let me also say, extremely expensive. Some of the special pieces in each box, like the chandelier in the Luxury Bath, or the LV make-up trunk on the sunken tub are not easy to find unless you go to miniature shows throughout the country. Some shows are better than others........Chicago being one of the best! Some pieces are hand made, and one of a kind. If you look closely in each roombox, you can find a special treasure in almost every corner. Thanks for looking..........:cloud9:
  13. Thanks to Frick&Frack, I'm finally able to upload the last of my pictures. I hope you will be able to click on these, and they will enlarge........some of the other pictures wouldn't. If these don't enlarge, get out your magnifying :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    DSC04421[1].jpg DSC04440-1.jpg DSC04441[1].jpg DSC04449-1[1].jpg DSC04447[1].jpg
  14. The last picture...........:ty: frick&frack, lovelygarments, and everyone for being so patient.:love:
  15. they enlarged...looks amazing. I still can't believe those are miniatures!!!