Please come see my new Damier Uzes and Manhattan PM

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  1. Hi all.

    I wanted to share two bags I've been wanting for awhile now.:yahoo:
    I :heart: them both. The Manhattan PM I'm actually saving til spring to use.
    It is new to me, and looks brand new, but it's been ever so gently loved.

    The Damier Uzes is for work and travelling. It is amazing. Roomy, comfortable, different, and easily carried handheld, or shoulder. And it's pretty much worry free as well.
    I've enclosed pics of the Uzes showing the size of the front pockets (huge!) and also the size inside when the side tabs are released. It opens very wide and looks like it can hold a lot.

    Enjoy! Thanks for looking!

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  2. Modeling pics...

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  3. Congrat's :smile: and enjoy!
  4. Great bags!! The damier is gorgeous!! I love that not alot of people have it! I love the Man. did good!!!
  5. very nice! I love both of them. The uzes really looks like a perfect work/school bag. Enjoy!
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're both gorgeous!
  7. Congrats!!!!!
  8. Congrats. I really like both of them.
  9. Congrats Congrats Congrats!
  10. That Manhattan PM is precious!!! I think now I would also go for the PM like you ( I used to want the GM): but the Uzes, I have been considering that bag for the longest time, and you are the first one I've seen who got it!!! congratulations, I think it is a FABULOUS bag,,,, wow. I'd get it, is it brand new????? Are the straps kind of criss crossed and do they hang a nice shoulder length... love that you got the Manhattan gently,,,, but I'm so excited about your Uzes... you're a VERY cool girl....:heart:
  11. i love your damier bag its so great and i like the koala bag also and you wear them great! congrats!:yahoo:
  12. love the bags! you look great modeling them. :smile:
  13. They are both stunning! The Manhattan PM is my next dream bag but I also love your Uzes. It looks practical but stylish at the same time. Great buys!

  14. Hi! I've been meaning to ask you--is that the new house? It's wonderful! Many years of happiness and health there!:flowers:
    They are both so different, but I :heart: them both so much.
    I don't know if I'm gonna be able to keep from using the Manhattan until spring, but I'm gonna try...
    The Uzes sits nicely on my shoulders even with a heavy coat. I great shoulder length, but not too long that it looks stupid handheld. KWIM?
    The handles are not too structured, so they are comfortable.
    I would highly recommend it.
    I have nothing bad to say about it, oh, except the price. It's pricey, but I sold some items I was not using on ebay to partially fund it. It is brand new/never used, but had another owner, so it was not full retail price. Helps a bit...:shame:
  15. Awesome! Great bags - congratulations!

    I'm glad you modeled, especially the Uzes. I hadn't seen one before now.