Please come see my bargain beauties...A. Marc & E. Park!!!

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  1. Hah- that rhymed! :p
    OK- some of you have been really helpful in my search for the perfect grey bag (couldn't decide between Anna Corinna & Botkier Bryant). I could only afford one- but neither were exactly right...well, I waited and got lucky on eBay with these two beauties that basically total the price of one. I adore them both!!!
  2. oops-
    This is the Andrew Marc "Vibe" in Gunmetal that I got a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to post...I LOVE it! It's not for the faint of heart b/c it definitely IS metallic, but in a subtle, elegant way- not harsh at really is a great neutral!!!
    IMG_1151.jpg IMG_1157.jpg IMG_1162.jpg
  3. And then I just received this Elysian Park "Matt Tote" and it is the perfect elephant grey I have been looking for... the leather is so smooshy & soft:heart:Also, it has gorgeous blue suede lining, but it is still really light!
    When I searched grey bags on eBay I saw this and remembered another PFer had mentioned this brand a while back (think she got one at a sample sale) and I want to thank you whoever you are for turning me on to this designer:smile:!
    IMG_1163.jpg IMG_1168.jpg IMG_1169.jpg
  4. Congratulation that you got two favorite bags. I particularly like the Andrew Marc "Vibe" in Gunmetal.
  5. YAY to grey bags...I want at least one grey bag myself.
  6. Beautiful bags! I also own an Andrew Marc -- the "Lola" in chocolate -- and love it to death. Great quality and such wonderful smooshy leather. Your "Vibe" is a keeper. That gunmetal color looks intriguingly understated.
  7. I appreciate the kind words! Forgot to mention the best part- the deals! The Andrew Marc retails for $495 and since there was a Sharpie mark on the exterior I got it for $154 (cannot see the mark unless you latch the bag- which I never do :smile:
    The Elysian Park (a $400-ish bag) was new with tags and I hit the BIN for $200...
    Thanks for sharing in my excitement:flowers: