Please come laugh with me...before I cry. Just when I thought I was done cleaning...

Bubble Girl

May 29, 2007
I'd pick to sleep in the room with all the barbies if I came for a sleepover. I'd be up all night playing with them!!

Congrats on finishing!!
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Sofa King Blonde!
Feb 4, 2007
UK 13 year old son asked, "Mom, you left the futon and bed in you really think anyone would actually sleep in there?" I said, "Well, they could, if someone was already using the guest room."

He laughed, "no way, no one would want to sleep in there with all those Barbies! All those eyes looking at you...ewww, that would creep me out." :P
Tell him he's wrong :P post of us on this thread would pick that room over the guest room. We wouldn't make very good guests though as we would spend most of our time in our room playing with your Barbies.:roflmfao:
Jan 20, 2007
Hey, you!

You got me and DH workin' up a sweat now, too!

We are making some much needed improvements to our living room...I'll post pics soon!!!!


Sep 23, 2006
Marin County, CA
Waaah, Tink! You have a lot of doll stuff! Don't worry, you can do it. :smile: I totally feel for you as I just decluttered/reorganised by bedroom. I had stuff everywhere, but I stuck to it and now it's is neat and clean and clutter-free. Your place will be like that soon, too!