Please come laugh with me...before I cry. Just when I thought I was done cleaning...

  1. Yes, I am still working on my doll room. I thought I was about 95% done. I thought I would have lovely pics to show you all by Monday...ha! ha! ha!

    Last week I decided I need just a bit more than 50% on the linen closet, so I could get everything off the bunk bed.

    Here is the linen closet


    I knew I had 'a few' things in my bedroom closet and under the I decided to grab them...ACK! Big mistake! I am not back to square one, but I found 25 dolls still in boxes, 32 outfits still in boxes, 9 cars, the airplane 3 trunks full of vintage stuff, various playsets and a bunch of loose clothes, dolls and diorama supplies.


    Please send your lauaghs and encouraments, they are much
  2. Oh Tink! The fact that you are organizing that gives me the motivation to try and do something similar! It looks great, and just think of how fabulous you'll feel as soon as you are done!
  3. Oh Mary...that sounds so much like me when I start a cleaning project!!! You go can do it!!! And imagine...if you find dolls you didn't know you had you can always give them to charity (great time of year for it)!
  4. I feel for you. I went to my storage the other day and saw I had 3 huge boxes of Barbies that I need to go through. You have a Barbie Airplane???? Wow, can you post a pic pretty please.
  5. Wow, that's a lot to go through! I hate cleaning, but sometimes once I start, I can't stop and I will go on a huge cleaning rampage. Once I am done, I feel a million times better and feels like my life is under some sort of control lol. I am sure you will feel great when you're done, too!
  6. wow!!! it's like barbie heaven! i wanna see the airplane too! and they have a movie theatre? omg. that's tough though. do you have another closet you can put it all in? i would show you my closets so you feel better but um, i would die. lol.
  7. LOL, I was laughing to my hubby about it and he said, don't forget about the stuff in the office and the 6 tubs in the garage rafters...:shame: I said I know, I know I will get there....but those are 'different' dolls.
  8. WOW, that looks like me! As soon as I think Im done..I find some more crap!
    On a side note...I have those 3 of those clear drawers to the right of your bed lmao! They are great for all my sewing material!
  9. lol...this isn't my room, thank goodness...this is Barbie's room...yes, she has her own room. Even the dressers are full of Barbie stuff. :rollseyes:

    But I love those bins! So great for all the little stuff, and clothes, etc.
  10. omg tink can i come over & play with u?? lol
  11. Dang a A BUNCH of Barbies!!!:nuts::shocked:
  12. Anytime!
  13. Tink, can I come play with you? Holy crap! :wtf: I had the dream house, the rolls royce, corvette, jeep, swimming pool, soda shop, etc etc... and I thought MY dolls were spoiled!!!! I miss them now....
  14. WOW....I thought I had a lot of Barbie stuff when I was a kid.....I know how you feel about cleaning though. Dh and I decided to tackle one of our "junk rooms" today....needless to say it was a much bigger job that either of us realized.....we are exhausted!!!
  15. big collection of dolls !