Please Come Hear My Ali Story..the Snacks Are On Me!

  1. OK, here's my saga. It's a bit long so I am serving soda and popcorn!:popcorn: Last night I read a thread about Hippie bags being in the outlet stores so I called my store and had them set aside one in whiskey and one in black. I had purchased a black signature duffle during the Macy's F&F and put it in my trunk in case I wanted to return it to Macy's after going to the outlet. Basically this was all supposed to be about getting a crossbody bag but...anyway... When I got to the outlet I decided I would look around the store before asking for the Hippies. There was one table with assorted Legacy bags on it so I made a beeline. There was a pond legacy satchel that I thought was absolutely gorgeous but it had a SERIOUS flaw in the leather on the front of the bag. There was a white Mandy and a few legacy shoulder bags. Then I spotted a Whiskey Ali! OMGosh!! I grabbed the bag and bonded with her immediately. A SA came over and we started chatting about the Legacy bags. She could tell I was smitten. LOL I walked around for a while, looking around with Ali in tow. Then I had the SA get the Hippie bags so I could ponder and compare. The black hippie bag had a very "pebbled" texture that just didn't grab me. The whiskey Hippie was in good shape. The Ali retails at $498 and was marked to $449 plus 20% off making it $359.20. That is about $14 less than an Ali would be during a PCE event. I liked the Hippie but I LOVED the Ali. Needless to say I took the bag home with me. I like the signature duffle I purchased at Macy's but I have been sooo bad lately (but that's good, right? :shame: ) I figured I should return it to take a considerable chunk out of the purchase price of the Ali. While at Macy's I saw a shiny black Ali in pristine condition. She was under glass and kept begging to be looked at. Oh how I wish I had seen her during the F&F!! OH, btw, some of the Coach bags are now 30% off at Macy's. The store I was in had signature pieces on that shelf. I returned the duffle and now I have a whiskey Ali sitting here beside me. I am really surprised at how much the Ali can hold and still not look stuffed. The bag I purchased as a few "blemishes" but the SA's at the outlet assured me that was normal and not considered damaged. Would you ladies who already own Legacy bags agree with that? Just wanted to know. I don't tend to go for brown bags because I usually wear black pants and shoes but there is just something about the whiskey. I have to admit (and I feel awfully guilty about this) that I am already thinking I would like to own this bag in black, too. I have purchased more Coach bags this year than I have in the past few years combined. I have really been bitten by the Coach bug!! As soon as I sleep on it I will post pics of Ali and pics of my other beauties. I finally got my camera back. I loaned it out for a night and that was a few weeks ago. Anyway, that's my story. Thanks for listening. :cutesy:
  2. Hehe. Great purchase. Trust me I know just how you feel. After seeing the new Scarf Print-- which you will soon- I'm thinking about abandoning my Carly obsession.... oh, I long for an outlet near here but it's like four hours away. Ugh.
  3. wow. you had me at snacks. But congrats on the Ali. I have one and love it!!
  4. :roflmfao:

    As you can see in my signature, I want that whiskey Ali!! Congrats on finding her at the outlet! Sounds like it was meant to be :love:
  5. HA! (I know someone already laughed at this, but it deserved a second acknowledgement!) :roflmfao:

    The Ali is fabulous. The strap is the perfect length...easy to hold onto even if you have round-ish shoulders like me!
  6. Congrats on your new Ali! She is a keeper for sure.
    I own three Ali's (white, whiskey and brown). I love them all. They are great bags and so functional too!
  7. If you all really want to know how wacko I truly am-I am sitting here smelling my Ali. I LOVE how the leather smells! It reminds me of the Coach bags I used to buy back in the late 80's and the 90's. Ok, I have just told everyone how Pathetic and Old I am-have a brownie and forget what I said! Helen, you are too funny!:lol:
  8. great choice on the ali!

    and the coach bug? it's running rampant around here ;)

  9. Ok, it's good to know I am not the only one who likes multiples of a style in different colors. I feel so 'normal":nuts: :wacko: :blink:
  10. Love your tale and am so ready to snack. Great choice! I love the brown Ali I got at Macy's and now want to add the whiskey - you lucked out!
  11. :love: Absolutely Ali! I might be the Ali diehard here. I own 4 now white, black, brown, and charcoal suede on the way. :yes: of course I'll post the pics!

    Now gimme some :popcorn:
  12. Awesome bag ! I don't have one but adore them from afar. I love bag buying stories, I felt like I was there shopping with you.
  13. It would be SO nice to buy every bag we love!:yes:

    I myself am smitten with my Legacy Whiskey Shoulder Bag. I got her on eBay for $305. She does have minimal scratches/blemishes, but I just chalk it up to adding to her character!

    I loved your story!
    Congrats on the new bag!
  14. I just want to ask again-would you consider those little blemishes(faint scratches) on the Legacy leather to be "normal"? A couple of the SA's in the outlet assured me that most bags have a few.
  15. You got quite the deal there yourself! OK, so you consider those little marks to be character- I like that!:yes: