Please come and see Hermes in Tokyo with me …

  1. MsJade, MrsS, accessorize_me, luxurylife 88, Katel - I will do my best to find interesting tibits. I am currently collecting action pics of stylish Japanese with their H. I will post them in the next day or two. Please join me on our next tour.

    Appleringo - You probably know tokyo better than I do. It would be my pleasure if you could share your experience in this thread. The more the merrier.

    Raz - Here's the SO bolide made with the bonsai scarf. I have this same scarf in pink/grey colourway and I love it.

  2. LTC, thank you for putting all this together. I've learned so much already.
  3. Thanks for posting all this info. It makes me want to visit Japan and get something from H. Maybe an H wallet...
  4. uclaboi, good to see you here. May this be the start of a slippery slope? :graucho: :lol:
  5. Thanks LTC! All the SOs (The Kimono Birkin and Bolide) are all awe-inspiring!
  6. LTC - Thank you for this thread!! It's very generous of you to take the time and effort to post this wonderful information and photos. I'm learning so much from you!!:flowers:
  7. LTC - This is such an interesting thread. Can't wait to read more
  8. What an interesting thread! I was in Tokyo last December 2007 and I must say, I fell in love with the city (despite the fact that everything is so expensive).

    Here was my Hermes experience. I went to the tiny Hermes boutique in Shinjuku which was inside Isetan. The small boutique was FULL of people-- and about 85% of them were purchasing something!

    On the store shelves were the complete color line of the Victoria. There were a few kelly bags on display (all dark/ neutral colors), and there was a very beautiful and simply exquisite color of the Kelly that I just had to buy for myself. I was real lucky because the moment that bag was brought out for me, about 3 or 4 women lined up behind me to see the bag. One even asked the SA if the bag is to be purchased already because apparently she wishes to purchase it for herself.

    Needless to say, I never let that bag out of my hands nor my sight! I have not yet really "revealed" the bag or debuted her, but she is quietly sitting on my bag shelf, ready to go anytime :smile: *When the right time comes, she will come out of hiding :biggrin:*

    Anyway, it was a wonderful experience to be in a small boutique which is very well stocked. I've been to bigger H boutiques and they don't really have any birkins or kelly bags even!

    Your thread on Tokyo's H brings back fond memories.

    And oh yes-- I almost forgot. That green birkin with the kimono print? I saw the bag up close and personal. It was really remarkable. The problem is of course the price :biggrin: And it's a wee too small.

    But apparently the 25s and 30s for birkins are the ones that do exceedingly well in Japan.

    One day I hope to go back to Japan. Will save enough money for another trip as everything is truly expensive there :smile: If I'm not mistaken too, H bags there are about 10-15% more expensive than the US. Someone shed light on this.

    More on H tokyo please, LTC :smile:
  9. Thank you so much for this interesting thread Licencetocook :flowers: !!!
    Now I really want to go to Tokyo :yes: !!!
  10. Thanks for the interesting thread!!!!
  11. This Kelly is amazing! So unique! Thank you LTC for sharing this wonderful information on Japan with us!! :woohoo:
  12. Uclaboi, Birkingal, hermes Nuttynut, Rhapsody, Fromparis, Royteng, Preppycowgirl, Ms Piggy – Thanks for your continual support. Without your comments, I will just be some crazy girl hiding in Tokyo and speaking to myself.

    Tresormakati – I detect a beautiful Jaune in your avatar. Thanks for sharing your experience. That Kimono Birkin is gorgeous isn’t she? It is still unsold as of todate.
    When I first arrive in Tokyo, I was overwhelmed by the number of H bags at boutiques and on the street. Actually my wallet was even more overwhelmed by the number of H I would like to have. As to Tokyo prices, it is approximately 20-25% more expensive than Europe. Hence, most of my boutique purchases comes from my bi-annual European trips.

    Since I will be away from 19 Jan for two weeks, I will try to post another two tours around Tokyo before I leave. Inspired by Amamxr’s thread with H as Art, I have decided to add beautiful photos of H bags taken by Loire Japan. Loire is a reputable reseller of H with some of the most beautiful but most expensive bags. There are a couple of repeat photos, but these bags are so pretty that I hope you don't mind seeing them again.

    Pic 1 – Plume, bolide and jige troika
    troika 2.jpg

    Pic 2- Picotin with H horse

    Pic 3 - Quelle Idole at the beach
    quelle idole.jpg

    Pic 4 -Toile Bolide
    toile bolide.jpg

    Pic 5 - Troika Bolide
    trokia bolide.jpg
  13. Here's more from the artistic people of Loire Japan.

    Pic 1 - Kelly and Jige Troika

    Pic 2 -bolides
    bolide 27.jpg

    Pic 3 - Kellys
    suede kelly.jpg

    Pic 4 - JPG birkin and Hermes horse
    birkin jpg.jpg

    Pic 5- Evelynes
  14. Those Loire Japan people take the most beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing them! :flowers:
  15. [​IMG]:love:

    Thanks, ltc![​IMG]