Please come and see Hermes in Tokyo with me …

  1. Many of you already know that Japan is a very special market for Hermes.


    … highest concentration of Hermes Bags in the world
    … often used as a test market for new products
    … accounts for 25++% of Hermes’s revenue and hence its largest market

    … VVIP in Japan are often offer leather and colours not available outside of Japan
    … numerous resellers of Hermes products with dozens of h bags in every
    colours and skins on display on any given day.

    I don’t have the story telling ability of Transcendent and Gina_b or the fashion sense of Ilovemylife, LaVan/Deux Armoires, S’mom, Piaffe and Angel. Nevertheless, I would like to share my own version of Tokyo with all of you. I promise lots of H related photos plus action pics from elegant and chic Japanese ladies.

    So please join me for a weekly tour of Hermes in Tokyo.:smile:
  2. Before we dive into photos of H, I would like to start with a little history. According to, the relationship between Hermes and Japan began in 1911 when Prince Kan'in (Kotohito), Commander in Chief of the Japanese cavalry, requested the French company to make specially designed and elegant harness. Orders from the Japanese Imperial House for other saddlery then followed on a regular basis. In 1961, Hermes began to offer its products directly to the Japanese public. Based on a quick count on, Japan now has at least 46 Hermes boutiques.


  3. I can't wait, LTC. My heart tends to skip a beat when I read a thread of yours. You've always have something delicious to share. :yes:
  4. Let’s begin with a tour of La Maison Hermes Tokyo.

    In 1998 (post Japan’s economic bubble burst), the Hermes Group purchased this piece of land in the fashionable Ginza district of Tokyo with the intention to build La Maison Hermes Tokyo and the corporate headquarters of Hermes Japan (other Maisons Hermes are located in Paris, Seoul, and in New York). This iridescent glass tiles covered12-storey building designed by Italian architect Reno Piano opened its door in June 2001. Inside the 65,000 square feet building contains shopping space, workshop, offices, theatre, exhibition spaces and multimedia areas topped by a roof garden.

    Maison Hermes
    5-4-19 Ginza
    Tokyo, Japan

    architecture week 2.jpg architecture week 1.jpg architecture week 3.jpg

    architecture week 4.jpg plan 2.JPG

    Photo credit: architecture week and
  5. The 29 June 2001 issue of An An Magazine ran a special section on La Maison Hermes Opening in Tokyo.

    Pic 1 – Orange Boxes and Brown Ribbons in Ginza (left pic = nearly there; right pics = under construction)

    Pic 2 – Various H products commemorating the store opening.
    ginza product.JPG
    Pic 3 – A selection of products made for the Japanese Market
    jap products.JPG
    Pic 4 – SO Birkin with Kimono Textile
    japanese birkin.jpg
    Pic 5 – Asian place setting
    place setting.JPG

    Stay tuned for recent photos inside La Maison Hermes featuring H products modeled by Japanese actress Koyuki from the movie “The Last Samurai (2003)” on the next tour of H Tokyo.

    P.S. If there’s anything you would like to see, please feel free to let me know.
  6. Thanks, sweetie:heart:. I will try to include many new pics, but there will be some repeats from my previous threads to complete my story. I hope you like it.
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  13. Wow, I love that! I just read about the Japanese luxury market in the book "How Luxury Lost Its Luster". I was so fascinated by it. I've been to many countries, but unfortunately have yet to visit Japan. I'd love to go there one day!
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