Please come and look what I just bought, you would be surprised...

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  1. ...A Brand New Vernis Reade in Framboise color from a LV boutique!

    I was so happy when I saw the USA vuitton website has the Raspberry color selection under Vernis Reade. So I called the 1-866 number right away and they confirmed that one of the store in LA does have it and it's the only one available in the state since it has been discontinued for a long time. It's brand new. They found this piece in their back room/store room. It's been sitting at the back probably for the last year or two. I asked them to ship to the Seattle boutique for me to pick up.

    I am so happy because I missed the chance to purchase this when it was first released. And I didn't buy the Raspberry color either after. FINALLY, I can have something in the Framboise color. :yahoo:

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  2. Wow, congrats! That's a really lovely, delicious colour! :heart: Enjoy!!

  3. OMG Congrats! You are soo lucky to have found a new one! I love the color!
  4. Congrats - very pretty!
  5. O that's pretty. Congrats!
  6. You are a lucky was totally meant for you CONGRATS its FABULOUS:heart:
  7. Congrats!! You're sooo lucky to find a brand new one!
  8. Congrats!
  9. LUCKY~ (napoleon dynamyte - sp lol)

    congrats, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE framboise!
  10. woo hoo, beautiful!! love it!! congrats!
  11. Very pretty, congrats, definitely an unexpected find ! ;)
  12. Lovely bag. Congratulations!!!
  13. very pretty! congrats!
  14. beautiful bag!!! congrats you are a lucky 1!
  15. Lovely bag! That color is so pretty.