Please clear up for me!

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Bruno good boy
Jul 14, 2008
Dose the bottom of this bag look off to anyone I have never seen this before! Is it real? If this thread is misplaces I'm sorry.:shrugs: I want it.
Hi Alegory,
Go to the Hermes Shopping section of this forum, and then to the authentication thread and do a search with the eBay item number. If you don't get a match, just post your own request for authentication on that thread, using the format requested. That is like this:

item number: XXXXXXXXXX
seller: XXXXXXXX
link: (as you've done above)
comments: (any specific questions or concerns you have about it)

Also, have you checked the Sticky with the list of reputable sellers? I'm pretty sure mightkismet is on there. If they are, you don't really need any more reassurance than that; because that means they ONLY sell authentic.

Good luck on finding the bag you love!
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