please clarify for me cause I think I am going crazy! re black glitter NP

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  1. Are these the same, the black glitters on ebay,

    as the ones NM has on their website. On the website they are called glitters, but they look more black (solid). It is only in the light that they shine. I ordered a pair for myself, which is too small, but I took a few pictures and would like to know if these are two different shoes.

    mine from NM

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  2. I think they're different...
    NM > black Greasepaint
    below > All black version of the Glitter NPs
  3. Not sure if I am making it clear. Yesterday I posted what I thought were two different shoes, only to find out with everyone's help, that they were the same. Today, I think they might be the same, but I must be wrong.

    The link on top is the auction, it definitely looks more sparkly. The two underneath are mine that were ordered from NM. I just thought it was the light. So am I crazy!!! Well, dont answer that, but please do enlighten me on the shoes.
  4. They do not appear to be the same. The ones on the ebay link have the double platform. The color seems bright, but that may be due to a flash. It does look to me that they are more like the greasepaint.
  5. here are some more completed black glitter ebay auctions to add to the confusion!

    i think the first auction I linked might be the same as the one in ebay auction you posted (it's hard to tell when the pics are so small!) and they look different than the NM greasepaints - they don't look like patent.

    in the second auction I linked, those look like actual glitter (like the multi colored glitter NPs) but again it's hard to tell because the pics are small.

    ETA: looking at the pics again, I think the first and second auctions might be the same shoe. LOL
  6. diana, i see what you mean. I don't think they are the same as the one I linked. But I do think that they may not be patent. And mine from NM is definitely patent. I agree it is hard to tell from the little pics.
  7. the black glitter (as if i have not said it enough!!) is MY HG!!!
    again, i've only seen them once in a magazine & now just the other day on ebay....i wonder if the shoe ever came to the US?

    i think the black glitter and the black patent greasepaints are two different shoes.
  8. They are two different shoes. The black glitter is like the silver NP w/multicolor glitter and gold (or) silver underlay and the black greasepaints are sparkly patent. :smile: I WANT THE BLACK GLITTER NOW SOOO BAD
  9. congrats on your wedding. Don't you have better things to do, then be here:graucho:
  10. LoL lorrmich. I wasn't on here for the last 5 days so I need my fix :smile:. Plus, my dh is watching basketball and I kind of lost interest after 8 hours of sports today lol.
  11. They are both NP, neither are double platform. The ones on eBay could look to be Black Glitter (with texture). But, it's possible they are the same fabrication as your two on the bottom (Black Grease Patent), but have simply photographed differently.

    I would ask the seller if these are textured or smooth like patent.
    That would be the difference.
  12. lorrmich- do you have a full pic of your np black grease paints that you can show us??, they are TDF !!
  13. Sure, I will upload pics a little later. I have two boxes sitting here in the 39 and 39.5. I don't know if it is because they are patent, but I needed the 1/2 size up from my leopard pony ones.

    And just to put an end to the debate, I am now convinced that like meluvs2shop said all along, they are definitely two different shoes. It appears that a recent pigalle listing on the bay clearly shows what she means by glitter and this looks very different than my greasepaint/glitter. So thanks to you all for helping, and I will be back with a pic soon.:smile:

  14. Thanks lormich ! can't wait to see them !!.... I beleive I've seen black glitter pigalles in the past .... and yes, they look like two different shoes for sure .
  15. As promised, for Natassha, I am posting the pics. I tried to get a picture of how they sparkle, but it is difficult and it was evening when I took them. I will also post these in the pic forum. Please bear in mind, these pics are on feet that turned 51 yesterday, so it is not a pretty sight with close-ups and all, but I will never turn down a request.

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