Please choose 1 - Town in Rose Thulian RGGH or Mangue GSH

  1. Ladies,

    Help! I'm on the fence. I've reserved the bags to think over which to pick. I recently bought a dark knight rggh town and love the style so much that I now want another in a brighter tone. I'm tending towards Mangue but worry about denim transfer when worn cross-body. Rose Thulian is a safe choice but I already own 3 bags in Coq. Please weigh in.... thanks!
  2. For me, it'd be Mangue GSH all the way. I was considering the same choices you are but I also have Coquelicot and IMHO, Rose Thulian can't top Coquelicot. I saw it IRL and while it's a very pretty color, it's missing a bit of personality kwim? It's a pink that wants to be red or is it a red that wants to be pink? :thinking: Perhaps, none of the above? :shrugs:
    Mangue GSH is soooooo dreamy, it's stunning! Go for it!
  3. Mangue too.
  4. Mangue SH for sure. I didn't like the rose thulien.
  5. Wow, you nail the description on rose thulian perfectly. Tilting more to Mangue now.
  6. Thanks ladies, 3 extra shots of confidence for choice of Mangue GSH. :smile:
  7. Mangue GSH is such a stunner and a happy, cheerful bag :nuts:
  8. Mangue all the way
  9. The deal is sealed, I'll go for Mangue :smile:.

    Thanks for your contributions, appreciate :smile::smile:
  10. You've alady made your mind, but still I will vote...
    You did the right decision.. Mangue is gorgeous :nuts:
  11. Thank you, it's good to get extra vote of assurance. I'll likely pick it up tomorrow :smile:
  12. Great choice!! I just bought the giant city in mangue and it's so beautiful! Love this piece as my first bal bag!
  13. Do you use any leather protection product on the bag? It's light-colored and I'm worried about color transfer.
  14. So, I collected the bag today and am happy to share it here :smile:

    Thanks for chipping in your opinion.
    IMG_0685.jpg IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0687.JPG
  15. To be honest I am not familiar with leather care for Bal bags, but I did apply the LMB pro-treatment (to guard against oil and water stains) and silk serum treatment (to condition) on it prior to first use. They did not cause any leather darkening or undesirable effects as far as I can see. As for colour transfer - I'm afraid the only way to prevent this is to avoid rubbing against dark coloured clothings like denim and take extra care when using the bag. I don't think there is any leather protector that can completely prevent this from happening.

    By the way - your bag is BEAUTIFUL!! Enjoy it!!