Please chime in with opinions on my plan

  1. and this is all assuming I can stick to it!!

    Backstory - I've recently sold pretty much all of my collection - about 25 bags in total. I honestly don't think that I was completely happy with many of them at all and my reaction to that is - get rid. I have 2 more to sell, but need to replace before I do.

    Onto my plan. I really want a 'core' collection of bags. My needs are a larger 'workhorse' of a bag for work - black preferably and I was thinking the new Pembridge (having sold a black Bays recently, I'm reluctant to get that again).

    I also want a slightly more glam bag for days out - on my list are either the small Del Rey in black & ostrich mix or a small Willow in black, I'm leaning towards the Del Rey, but having seen someone post a Willow with a zipped liner, I could be persuaded!

    Thirdly, I would like something colourful. I must say though, I think I'm the only person on the planet (or in this forum) that doesn't like Lily!!!

    Basically, at the end of my cull, I'm left with a small black Del Rey with nickel (which will go if I replace it with the one listed above), a medium Oak Bryn (which might also go lol!!), a black wristlet and a Daria Clutch.

    Suggestions/opinions all welcome and thank you if you've read this far!!!
  2. Hi

    Well done for making the decision.. amazing collection. Do you have photos for memories?

    I like the idea of the willow as its 2 in 1 and you will be able to make use of the clutch too - maybe a regular size though?

    What about an SBS - In oak?

    I'm not a fan of Lily - I had one but sold her as hardly used..

    Out of interest what colour Daria Clutch do you have?
  3. I don't care for the larger Willow actually as I found it too floppy when I tried it at the shop. Maybe I should add that to the list to look at again, I won't rule it out, thank you for that suggestion. If I had one of those as well as I think that would be my work bag.

    I didn't think about photo's and I am a scrapbooker too - my scrappy friends would be shocked and horrified if they knew!! The only pic I have is of the Valentine Alexa, which actually has gone into the scrapbook!!

    I was thinking about SBS as my colour option, I just sold a chocolate one, but I wouldn't rule it out in another colour.

    My Daria is black, I love that little bag, it was a completely impulse purchase, but I've got so much use out of it!
  4. Hiya - I have an oak SBS and really really love her. Smart for work and also looks great with jeans etc

    Daria clutch is so lovely I have fallen back in love with mine again
  5. Well done scrapsy, it's not easy to do a massive cull and it's definitely better to have bags that you'll use regularly. The small ostrich mix del rey will be in the sale so that would be a good one. I like the look of the willow but am not comfortable with an open top, so it's not for me but the clutch option would be handy. In terms of a glam evening bag, what about the christy clutch or the bayswater or bow clutch? Best of luck in finding a core set for you.
  6. Yes baywater postmans lock clutch - great idea Ria2011
  7. I had to look at the website first before suggesting anything Betsy : )
  8. It doesn't matter - great choice all the same :smile:
  9. How about an 'older style' mulberry for a workhorse bag, I love the Elgin and if I needed a proper workhorse bag would look at getting an older style bag.
    Love the ostrich mix del rey and the reveal on here earlier on the week showed how beautiful the bag is.

    Good luck in finding your core collection and a massive congrats for selling all of your bags .... That must have been quite difficult to do .
  10. First, piece of advice, if getting rid of your oak Bryn open it to the US so I can buy her :greengrin:

    My advice on the bags would be to get color with a small del rey and get a black willow. That being said, it you aren't happy with the small del rey you have I don't know that I would buy another. If you like it, keep it and then get a colored willow.

  11. Haha! Ok, I'll bear that in mind lol!! I love my small Del Rey, but I need something bigger for work, so I can afford to swap her for a more exotic one for going out and another, something bigger for work! Thanks for all your comments, definitely making me think! Anyone have opinions on the Effie tote too?
  12. I think you should keep your small Del Rey, and if you are considering a color AND and SBS, how about that beautiful red SBS that is currently out?
  13. Do get the new Pembridge! I'm eyeing that one myself and would love to see a reveal.
  14. I love the Willow! X
  15. Which bags did you have and why didn't they work for you?