Please Check Your Receipts!

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  1. Like most LV lovers, I was out getting my last minute shopping done before the price increase. Now, I am usually bad at looking at receipts, but somehow the total did not add up today. I left the store puzzled, as I remembered my SA from another store quoting me a different price when I inquired about the pieces. Without any proof on hand, I left the store, went home and got onto the Louis Vuitton website. And sure enough, I was charged a little more for both of the pieces that I had just purchased. I immediately called the 1800 number and the lady on the phone was very nice. She 3-way an associate from the store and the associate immediately began the refund process.

    The rep and the SA did not give me a reason why the store's computer rang me up a different price than what was advertised online and I am not sure they knew either so they didn't want to tell me something that wasn't 100% accurate. All I could think of was the price increase happening in a couple of days and maybe the system jumped the gun and charged me for the new prices. It isn't much more (compared to how much I spent), but it was the principle behind it. I know a lot of people are trying to buy early to beat the price increase, so I just wanted to share my experience as a precaution.

    I am not sure if this was just a problem at this store, but regardless, if you're in it to save some money, do a double take on your receipt to make sure you're actually saving money!
  2. Oh wow..that's awesome they fixed it for you, as they should - Thank you for the heads up, it is very much appreciated! :heart:
  3. Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! I try to be really good about checking my receipts, but when I'm at LV sometimes my emotions get the best of me and I don't really check properly.

    I will from here on out, that's for sure. Thank you! :winkiss:
  4. Same here!

    OP, thanks for sharing
  5. My SA actually got to work at 10am when the store opened, and charged my preorder items immediately, so when I got there around 2pm, I already had it charged to my credit card on file, and I had the old price (prior to price increase) locked in. Also I think she did it since the 3 items I bought (check out my reveals!) were all preodered and the only ones they had in the store. I did check my receipt before I left to just make sure.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I agree when you are at the LV store your excitement take over the concentration.

  7. Just curious as to why you did not make the purchase from the associate that gave you the pricing ?

  8. I didn't intend on getting the newly release LE scarves. My SA had them but they were on reserve and there was 6 people in line for them (me = 7). I went to a different LV store (3 in the same area) and they had it so I bought it there.
  9. Oh, I understand. How did you find out about the increase?
    I had something I was going into the store to pick up ( early next week, it was a transfer)and my SA never told me about the increase. I am a bit upset with her.

  10. My SA told me about it when she asked me to come in to view the new releases. I didn't really have a purchase in mind, but I went in anyways (always a bad thing).

    You know, if you pay for the item ahead of time, the SA should honor the old price. I purchased a capucines in November (after the price increase) and my LV store rang me up for the old price because I ordered (paid up front for the reserve) before the increase. You should check and see if you can do that.
  11. Thanks for sharing this, glad they fixed it for you!!!
  12. Did anyone pre-purchase the new MM Alma Vernis or pick one up today? I thought I heard they were going to be $2600 or so but when I bought mine online yesterday, I was charged $2750. Since everyone is saying the US website is already showing the new prices even though the increase isn't supposed to take effect until the 2nd or 3rd, I'm wondering if I was charged the increased price? If anyone got one at the old price and could tell me what that was, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!:smile:
  13. Call the store near you. Ask a SA inside the store (not the customer service). The LV stores have direct numbers.
  14. Thanks for sharing this! Much appreciated!

  15. I think that is the old price. The PM is $2160 and $2750 sounds right for the MM. I think the MM will be at least $2900 in a couple of days.