Please chat with me about shortening straps

  1. I love a green bag of mine, but the straps are waayy too long. It actually hurts my back every time I carry it, but I would like to continue to use it, rather than have it stay in its dustbag in the dark. I see that the process for my specific bag is not too complicated. All it needs is the studs removed, the straps measure, sewn, and cut, then get re-studded again.

    I already found a place where I can get it un-studded, and re-studded. But I NEED to know where I can get the straps cut and sewn. Can you tell me what are some of the option? I'm thinking of bringing it to a shoe repair shop, but I don't know if that will do. do you think it's so easy I can just do it myself? I'm open to suggestions!
  2. I would think if you have the right kind of equipment you could do it, but I recommend you take it to a shoe repair place. Many of them do repairs on luggage and bags and could probably do this quite easily.
  3. Call me crazy.. but if this place has the ability to unstud, and then restud.. shouldn't they also be able to fix the rest of the straps?

    Please post a pic of the bag in question.. I'd be much more help that way. I would just take it to a reputable shoe repair store. they generally have handbag equipment too