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Which Bag Would you choose and why?

  1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30/35 DE

  2. Alexander Wang Rocco Black with Brass

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  1. I need you ladies and gents out there to vote and help me pick a bag between the two. I am undecided between the Speedy 30/35 and the Alexander Wang Rocco...I love both! and since i already brought my Artsy this year, i am imposing a self ban and limiting myself to only one more bag. which bag would u rather get and why?

    have any one of you had both? if not what are your experiences with these bags? will they hold up to daily use? and what is the wear and tear going to be on them if used every single day of the year!!

    Will you help me?


    A picture i borrowed off the internet which shows both bags i am lusting after...
  2. never had a speedy bc i'm just personally not an LV girl. however, i totally appreciate the beautiful aesthetic of the bags and the timeless, classy design. i see LV everywhere so Rocco is such a breath of fresh air! it's modern, unique and just a great everyday bag! the shoulder strap is also a big plus! :p so of course i'm voting for ROCCO all the way!!! i have the black w/ rosegold and he's my FAV! i'm also getting the rockie soon! :nuts:
  3. i have both. they're both classic and work well with jeans, i love the wang for a little more edge, and i really need a shoulder strap these days, it's hard when i'm carrying a bunch of stuff and need to carry my bag too. of course i voted for rocco tho, did you also post this poll in the lV forum? lol. show us no matter what you decide.
  4. I also have both and voted for AW. I love my speedy, but I don't carry her that often due to not having a shoulder strap. Whichever you choose, they both are stunning :smile:
  5. Ive sold my lv speedy 35 to fund my rocco, so ill vote for rocco!
  6. I had both in the past, a speedy 30 to be exact. I ended up selling the speedy because i find the short handle to be annoying, though I do love how it looks. Then i bought a rocco which i love but it is super heavy! Again, i ended up selling it again though I am now very tempted to get a rockie which looks less heavier (or maybe because deep down i just missed my rocco!)

    Both bags are very durable and can stand mild abuse :cool: if you don't worry too much about scuffing on the corners. It fits A LOT though i don't know if you can call it daily bag since 1 does not come with long strap and not exactly handy, while the other 1 might hurts your shoulder after several days of use (true story!).

    Then again, if i get the chance to get 1 of my old 1 back, I would prob go with Rocco :smile:
  7. I've never had a speedy, but I've had a LV neverfull made of the same coated canvas, and while they are very sturdy, I just can't wrap my head around paying that much $$$ and it's not even leather! The rocco is leather and very cool-looking and has a shoulder strap, so my vote is for the rocco (especially because you already have another LV).
  8. I had the DE speedy 30 and sold it because the DE is so hard to match to my wardrobe. I just can't do squares.
    I got the speedy 30 in mono and love it, it's a timeless bag. However, my black on black Rocco is ONE of a kind. The Rocco will always be a show stopper, while the speedy is something every closet needs... eventually.
    I'd say go for the Rocco and enjoy the crap out of it, then get the Speedy 30. But I vote Monogram and NOT DE ;)
  9. I want to say :ty: to everyone who voted and commented on this post. The views expressed were very insightful. My mind was telling me to go with the Louis Vuitton Speedy but the heart wants what it wants!

    I just got back from Holts and brought a brand spanking new Rocco with Rose Gold hardware, the LAST one in the store brought out from the stockroom especially for me, and i couldn't be happier!!!!! Thank You all!!!
  10. Yay! Congrats! Pics are in order.. :p
  11. Congrats!!
  12. A pic as promised! :smile:
    image-1750050956.jpg image-3779663038.jpg image-4052620271.jpg image-3093628765.jpg
  13. Very nice. Congrats!
  14. Congrats and welcome to the AW club!
  15. She's gorgeous!