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  1. for an Isabella Fiore "Audra" or "Alexia" - I can get no feedback on this - I know I want one of them. Thanks for your help.:unsure:
  2. Links for us lazy people? ;)
  3. I like the audra


    versus the alexia


    though the carina is cute too

  4. Audra
  5. Audra!!
  6. I'm gonna go with the Audra also- the shape is very alluring!
  7. Why are we all here on Friday night? :smile:
  8. I'm 28 but live like I'm 82 :sad2:
  9. I say the Alexia. I have one in brown and bronze. I have not used the brown yet but I get constant compliments on my bronze bag. The guy at the dry cleaners this morning even complimented my on it.

    It is a huge bag but it is soooo FLY.

    It looks better when it's not stuffed with paper from the store, so the pictures don't do it justice. if you empty the bag out and try it on you will fall in love. Just make sure u don't mind a big bag, because its BIG.

    Can you tell I'm partial???
  10. I am very grateful to all of you for your input - I have no friends who care about this stuff and you are all invaluable!!!!!
  11. I prefer Alexia but then that's because I usually like dark color handbags.

    What? It's Friday today? :weird: Why am I home then? lol :biggrin: I notice friends don't call you out as much as before once everyone grad from college. We just can't seem to stay out past 9pm anymore. Sad...
  12. you are in L.A. and not going out?? I love L.A and try to get there often - going again at the end of Jan. Just driving on Sunset Blvd. gives me a kick. I'm such a tourist!!
  13. Ha ha... it's way too cold right now and most of my friends are sick at home nursing on chicken soup so looks like it's just me and the purse blog for the night. :embarasse
  14. Audra!
  15. Hi....I'm a newbie to posting but not to lurking. :biggrin:

    Just this past week I received both the Audra and the Alexia from They were both in brown (I believe I got their last Audra in brown). I sent the Alexia back yesterday, I felt it was just too big for me, and I am 5'8". Also, because the Audra has a buckle at the bottom in the center that links the front to the back, it gives it support when you put your stuff in. The Alexia doesn't have that so the bag seemed to "bottom" out more on the bottom.

    I went to Nordstrom's at the Irvine Spectrum and SCP last night and didn't see any good finds on any IF bags. Today I went to the Brea store, and they had just gotten a new shipment in! :biggrin: I tried on the Carina in brown, and although it is a STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL bag, it is huge and extremely heavy from all the brass on it. They had it in the metallic cream, green and brown. Also, the handle, in my opinion, doesn't have enough clearance to wear on the shoulder comfortably. I ended up buying the "Metal of Honor" Ingrid messenger, which is almost identical to the Carina, only a little smaller, more round and less heavy. It also has a convertible handle/strap so that it can be worn several ways.

    I am not sure which I am going to keep, the Audra or the Ingrid, or I might just keep them both. :wacko: I knew it would be gone by tomorrow, so I snatched it up. The Audra seemed more on the reddish side to me when I first opened it, but it is growing on me. I just don't know if I need two bags with such similar detail. The SA said the IF bags are timeless, and the Ingrid would look great even in the summer with shorts and tank top.


    Also....I preordered the Kooba Sienna in black (for Christmas) from, it is supposed to come in mid-December. I haven't been all that thrilled with the distressed look of Kooba's other colors, but the black is simply stunning. It is the richest leather I have ever seen on a bag. I can't wait!! :love:

    Anyway, thanks for making this such a great place to visit....I have always been a handbag fiend, but never knew there were others just like me!