Please...can someone model the Ergo Hobo

  1. I would love to see the Ergo large hobo on someone's shoulder. I have seen the scarf size but would love to see the large. I was just told that I can get a discount on ergo.

    Thanks, Jan
  2. I will take a pic soon of it in Came. I do believe Lize ordered it too. Jan, it is a really big and beautiful bag with soft leather and very light and flexible...I ordered it in Black too instead of the open tote..OINK is right. You will love the look of it:yahoo:
  3. Hi, my first post in the Coach forum!

    I think I have an ergo in the red/pink/white striped leather hobo from many summers ago (2001 maybe?). I've been interested in finding out more info about it, but haven't had a chance to do a search in this forum yet. I'll try to post pics tonight to show you, and also to see if I can get more info on it. :yes:
  4. I'm pretty sure I want this bag too!!! But, I have to save up for it... :sad: <~not fun...

  5. I have to order it today or tomorrow because I have to go back to work 12 hour night shifts before the PCE is up. I know when it came out earlier in the pilot bag I had the medium in camel but dummy me took it back but good thing because now I need a larger bag. I know how light it is and I love it. I want either black or turqoise but I just want to see the large on because I never did try that bag on.
  6. Hrm, I just looked at the ergo on, and maybe I don't have the ergo...
  7. I think it is the same shape but a little different. I was interested in the 19.5 X 12 size bag. Thank you for trying!
  8. Here's my Ergo Turquoise Hobo. I love it. So Comfy too!!! Now here is my dilemna. I also have the Ergo Tote in turquoise. If I keep the Ergo Tote in Turquoise I will exchange my Ergo Turquoise Hobo for another color.
    Decisions. Decisions.:confused1:
  9. What about one in camel or white for the tote? I'm partial to camel. The turquoise looks great on you!
  10. turquoise looks great-
  11. Your hobo looks so good on you. I feel your dilemna and it is going to be hard to choose because they both look good on you. At least you got one of each and can always even exchange it for a different color so I am told as long as it is still the same style number. I was going to say take your time but then you cannot wear either one. I know all about that because I have a few items I have tags on...LOL I called tonight to see if they had some items I needed to exchange for and he told me I could have a discount on ergo and did not even have to ask but he knew when I orginally ordered I wanted one. I did order the large hobo in black. I was too chicken. I have to wait for it because the ones they had in the back are for display and they were good to me as it was.
  12. HEY LIZCORDOVA can i see a picture of you modeling the Turq. Large Ergo Tote?!?!! thats the one i ordered in that color and i would LOVE tos ee how it looks (and how tall r u? :smile: )

  13. Here is a picture of me modeling the Ergo Tote in Turquoise. You will love your Ergo in whatever color
    you decide on, it is really roomy.:jammin:
  14. ohhhh its sooo yummy!!! :smile: is that the large size??!?! its huge bigger then i thought which is AWSOME cause i love big bags YAAAAY! and the color is amazing ohh now im like 100 times more psyched cant wait for it to come :smile: THANKS FOR THE PICTURE! yummm
  15. I like them both but I like the hobo more. I am more an east/west person because I can never find anything in my north/south bags but I love the look of it. The color is amazing.