please can someone confirm this bag is a fake

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  1. HI there please can someone confirm this is a fake bag i know it is but need a second opinion cxxxxx
  2. It's an invisible bag :wtf:
  3. LOL!
  4. chloequeen, you need to "cut and paste" the link to the body of your message so we can click on it and check for you. Please check all the subforums if your bag falls into any of the catagory. If you post the link here but the bag already has a subforum, your posting will be closed.

    I can see you joined two months ago but this is your first posting. Welcome to the Purse Forum.
  5. thanx for replying - i have tried to attach my pictures but the file size is too big - do you have any suggestions for adding 12 pictures?
  6. still wont work! it is saying the files are too big cx help
  7. [it will only let me do one photo at a time - but just this one photo says it all i think look at shape of screw heads!!!! and size of stitching[​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Yep it's a total fake, but as above, please post further authentications in the right section :smile:
  10. how do i get to the right section - please help cx
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