Please can I see your wedding bands? )having a dilemma!)

  1. I'm getting married on August the 9th and am having real problems with a wedding ring, my e ring is a platinum Tiffany heart shaped, 1.07 ct, I really wanted a diamond full eternity band then decided I didn't as they are hard to resize and the diamonds on the back don't really show, so then I decided I wanted a half eternity, this is one I have seen:
    However my fiance thinks that it is too big with my ring and takes away from my ring and that I should just have a plain platinum wedding band and he will buy me an eternity ring for our first anniversary or something and I can wear that on my other hand. All my friends have diamond although none of them have a e ring as big as mine (although mine is by no means really big or anything). I have looked on Tiffanys website and their plain platinum bands are really reasonable so I will have one from there if I go for a plain one, their diamond ones are a lot more so I would just get one from a local jeweller. But what do I do? Whatever I have there is going to be a slight gap due to the heart shape of my e ring, but I don't mind as I don't like the bend ones.

    Anyway just wondering what sort do the majority of people have? Is it a shame not to have a diamond one when you can? Will I regret it? Do most people have diamond now? Or should I have a plain one? Or a full eternity but narrower than the ring above? Any help is much needed! If anyone has any pic of theirs I would love to see! Thanks:yes:
  2. I have an eternity ring. I don't think it's too much.
  3. I love my eternity bands (I have one that is alternating baguettes and rounds, and one that is just rounds) - I think an e-band would look gorgeous with your ring. One thought if you go with a half rather than a full eternity is to get a 'speed bump' or whatever they call it so that it doesn't spin 'round.
  4. As much as your fiance's opinion matters, you are the one who has to wear this ring for the rest of your life so it should be what YOU want. My original wedding ring is a plain YG 4 mm band that I wore/wear with my pear solitaire. At the time, that is what I wanted.

    For our tenth anniversary this past May, I had a three stone ring made in WG and I wear it as my e-ring now (I do still wear my original at times, I switch). My favorite combination that I have found to wear with my three stone is a sapphire and diamond channel set band. So, my taste has changed from a plain band to one with stones, but I do think that both are still equally as popular styles (just depends on the person).

    What carat weight band are you considering? Maybe the band you showed your fiance was just too big carat wise???
  5. I showed him a one carat like the one above, maybe I should go for a thinner band with smaller diamonds? Maybe that would look better with my e ring?
  6. Rosieroseanna: Perhaps the ring you've pictured here overshadows your engagement ring because of it's width. Instead of a channel set, you may want to consider a shared prong setting. With that setting there is no medal to the sides of the ring, so it's not as wide. And all you really see is *diamonds*. It sounds like you really prefer a diamond wedding band. If money permits, it's best to go with what you really want.
  7. what about the Tiffany etoile band? Has a few scattered diamonds around?? Just a thought...or perhaps a thinner version of the above?
  8. Go with a smaller diamond eternity band - maybe a pave style. You can choose not to wear it on your left hand ... sometimes the e-ring looks best on its own!
  9. Rosie - It comes down to what you love and what looks good on you. Perhaps a narrower diamond band would look great with your e/ring.
    Here's my set - as you can see my cluster e/ring is a tricky one to put anything with. My wedding band is 22ct gold and my eternity ring is bezel set.
    If you do go for a plain platinum band followed later by a diamond eternity ring, it does give you options to wear different combinations.
    ring 2.JPG
  10. I have a shared setting like barcreperie was talking about, which it sounds to me like a good option for you to have since you are worried about that one being too big.

    Here's a picture of my wedding bands: (I wear one on top, one on bottom of my e-ring)
  11. I have a channel set full eternity band, and I love it. It really depends on what you want....but I have to say, a solitaire with an eternity band looks really good. My hubby was worried about the thing about taking away from the ring too, but when we found the right sized wedding band, he agrees that it looks good like that and he loves the way it looks now. It's all about the proportion of your diamond to the band.

    Here's my ring for reference
  12. Gingerfarm, ame, crylater, sarajane - you have made me want a diamond one, your rings aren't overly huge (as in 3 carat job) but the diamond bands don't take away at all, my ring is a similar size to your I think so it would look fine, maybe I was looking at a too thick band! What carat weight are yours? And the thickness?

    love-savvy - I love your rings!
  13. My e-ring is just under 1ct and my wedding band consists of 9 4-pt stones (total ct wt was right at .36).