Please Can I Have Some Opinions?

  1. Hi ladies..:tender:

    I've picked up this dress for my brother's wedding in 3 weeks time...i want to know, what shoes and bag should i go for? The straps and the underbust band are satin.

    Does anyone here like it/not like it?

    I'd like shoes with a bit of a heel as i'm going to be on my feet for most of the day and i can't walk too well in flats.
    I'm thinking red shoes, maybe? I tried on a pair of v high heel red shoes i already own and the colour was good...but i don't have a red bag.

    Also, if it gets a bit chilly (British weather!) how can i cover up without ruining the effect of the dress?

    Help pleeeeeease - and thanks!:wlae:
    dress.jpg dress long.jpg
  2. beautiful dress i'm sure it'll look amazing. red shoes are SUCH a good idea! a red birkin or kelly would look amazing with that dress ;) hehe. you can wear a white cropped sweater over the dress to and from the venue, but knowing me, i'd prolly just try to stick it out to show off the dress haha... beauty before comfort sometimes, for moi.

    have fun at the wedding.
  3. is it black or navy (sorry, my monitor is being weird). Black or red heels would be wonderful, along with a small black or red leather clutch. I'd bring a black or white lightweight cropped cardigan or a wrap if it's going to be cold.

    You'll be fabulous! Have a great time.
  4. Great-looking dress, chicky! So are you on the lookout for a red bag? :smile:
  5. cute dress! personally, i wouldn't do BOTH reds, i'd do one black and one red :smile: :heart:
  6. It's a gorgeous dress. I would probably use simple black for both the purse and shoes. The dress is "loud" enough so I don't think it needs enhancing with loud accessories, but that's me. And a simple pashmina should keep you warm
  7. That is a lovely dress!

    I'd recommend a red purse and black shoes, or black purse and black shoes.
  8. It's black - sorry my picture doesn't really help! lol:yes: ;)
  9. Thx - And yes, i guess i am!:yes: :flowers:
  10. Thanks to you all for your comments and suggestions - much appreciated!:flowers:
    I now have a base starting point so...time to shop!:graucho: ;)
  11. Hi again, Miss M! :biggrin:

    Beautiful dress! :heart:

    I'd go for red shoes, a black clutch bag and a red wrap/shawl and jewellery; or vice versa.

    If you are slightly smaller on top than the bottom, I'd go for a red wrap/shawl and if larger, a black one.

    I obviously don't know how long/slim your legs are, but if you want to elongate and slim your legs, neutral coloured shoes (sand coloured, if you're fairish, tan if you're tanned etc.), worn with a red clutch and black wrap/shawl and jewellery might be a good alternative. :yes:

    Have fun at the wedding! :biggrin:
  12. I do like it. Even though it's got some black in it, I think it'll look fab w/ a pair of light gold heels with matching gold clutch!
  13. Ooooo, decisions, decisions!:wlae: :yahoo:

    SH aka chloehandbags - thanks so much for the suggestions!;)

    I'm quite an hourglass shape, though my butt has grown somewhat since i started driving!:shame:
    Legs are around 32 inch (inside seam) so i'm pretty average, sadly:lol:

    I've read somewhere that mules/slip ons help to elongate your legs too, as ankle straps can 'cut off' your leg making them appear shorter.:flowers:

    Sunnydqt - that's a great idea, thanks...i really think i ought to visit a few stores and take my dress with me (i just hope i don't look too wierd or suspicious popping the dress in and out of a bag in each shop):P
  14. Chicky,
    what sort of budget do you want to spend on the shoes and bag? let me know and I can have mooch for you too :biggrin:

    I think you are going to look fab in this dress :smile:
  15. Heeeyyy thanks chloe-babe!:flowers:
    I'm thinking (it hurts:graucho:) even though it's a special occasion, i'll probably only wear the shoes and bag the once, so i don't want to spend too much, ummmmmm........ i think £100, or a bit less...?:yes: