Please can I have some advice tpf'ers :(


May 3, 2010
So I am a long time lurker (literally have a peek on here every day) and posted when I got my beautiful white patent Bayswater. It was a sub. Slight scratch on the front and no idea what season it was from but it was in amazing condition for the low £340 price tag. I was over the moon.
With a Bicester Village discount it took the price to £312.30.

Anyway, this was last May. In March this year it started to peel. At the corners and at the edges the white was peeling away but I hardly use it and she lives in her dustbag when I don't.
I emailed Mulberry and spent £10 getting it posted to them, for them to email me today and say it cannot be fixed so can I confirm I will accept £312.30 in Mulberry vouchers.

Unfortunatly I don't live anywhere near a Mulberry store so this wouldn't be useful to me. I could call Bicester and get a mail order but would cost me in postage or £30 on the train. And how would I see the bags without looking if I don't know what I would want to spend it on as I don't know what the store would have each day?

I just want a patent Bayswater. I can accept my bag back and get nothing off and probably the fault worsen or accept the credit but I'll probably not see a patent bays for that price again.

I am so so so disappointed and sad :sad::help:

Midlands lass

In the dark........
Aug 28, 2010
Hi - I wouldn't accept a faulty bag back as you are right, it will only get worse and if it were me, I wouldn't love it knowing it was faulty. rather than vouchers, can you ask for a refund back onto your card?
I just returned a faulty bag and got a refund on my cc (although it was only a few months old - I don't know what their rules are).
this doesn't help you get a new bag though.
Can you combine a trip to the outlet with a trip elsewhere in the UK? There are lots of other tempting shops at Bicester and Cheshire Oaks too to make a day trip worthwhile (I love having a good mooch round CO) and if you ring the mulberry shop before you go, I think they will hold onto a bag for you.


Oct 8, 2007
Hello fellow lurker - well done for posting. Maybe accept a credit voucher and then join in on a TPF trip to an outlet? Then you have the opportunity of combining something social (inside every lurker is a fun loving friend) with the possibility that another TPFer could buy your credit note and give you cash in exchange if there was nothing you wanted. Good luck with your decision and thank you for sharing.


Jun 7, 2009
Laura I agree with Midlands Lass - surely you should get a refund back to your credit card rather than vouchers if the goods are faulty? I also think you should get your postage refunded.

As for finding a new one - the Outlets thread on the Shopping subsection is very good for keeping you updated on current stock. Don't forget as well that if you buy over the phone you will be covered by the distance selling regs so will be able to return if you're not happy. And if you do strike lucky it's always worth trying to negotiate an additional 10% off if you explain the situation to the manager! Worth a try anyway!;)

I think a couple of the outlets had purple patent Bays last week, if purple's your colour. Good luck anyway and keep us posted.


May 3, 2010
Thank you!
I just feel so dissappointed in Mulberry. All I want right now is a patent Bayswater thats not peeling! And it's so frustrating that I work in a department store stocking Mulberry and I have to see the Black one all the time but knowing I can't spend my credit note in there and even the fact it would only cover half!

So frustrating!

When is the next meet? I never really go to Bicester as I work practically every evening for a few hours or am at uni.
I'm going to try and get a refund to my card though thank you to all who suggested it!

You are all so nice!


Dec 13, 2006
I think you should contact Mulberry and tell them that you want them to exchange it for a patent Bayswater, there's a blueberry one in Bicester you'd be prepared to accept so can they arrange for it to be posted to you? Prices have shot up in the last year so there's no way you'd be able to get a new Bayswater with your credit voucher. It's not your fault the bag was faulty - why should you be out of pocket?

Alternatively, they should let you keep the bag and give you 50% of what you paid in credit vouchers. Would you be prepared to accept that? Or is the bag really trashed?