Please can anyone ID this bag??

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  1. This is in addition to a post earlier re: Scarlet Johanson's bag in Matchpoint. I found a couple of stills. These were the best I could find. Can anyone take a guess? Thx.

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  2. I believe it's a Mulberry Roxanne in the color Oak. The side view was the tipoff. Very British and quite popular. Would make perfect sense for this movie.

    I'm in love with this bag as well and would it in chocolate.

    You can see more pics at

    I tried to link directly to the choco roxy, but couldn't do it.
  3. i think it's the mulberry rosemary which is this one.......
    available on NAP for $995
  4. Thank you soooo much. It is indeed the Mulberry Roxanne in Oak. Thanks a bunch for your replies!!!!!!:biggrin:
  5. See, we're quite good if you just give us a picture.
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Do you actually have to open all those buckles to get to the compartments?????
  8. That's a good question! I hope for the wearer's sake that they are magnetic faux buckles.
  9. At least the bag looks pretty secure, or pickpocket-deterrent.
  10. ^^ Yes, they are all magnetic. My kids love to sit next to me in a taxi and flip 'em open and closed!
  11. I don't know which I'd rather have... that bag, or Jonathan Rhys Meyers! ;)
  12. Glad to see my purse fixation (at least one of them!) has paid off. Let me know if you end up getting the purse. And what you think of it.
  13. I too am looking for this bag, but after viewing the Mulberry collection I am positive that this is not the bag in question. The proportions are just different and the leather and texture is different as well. Does anyone have another one that comes closer?

  14. It's definitely the roxanne in darwin leather, oak color. When the bag is unstuffed, it collapses a lot when wore over the shoulder. Also, some of the buckles can be undone to make it collapse further. To get in and out of the bag you don't need to undo any buckles: there are magnetic closures hidden underneath the buckles.
  15. Looks like Mulberry 'Roxanne in oak' to me too....the Rosemary comes with a separate shoulder strap which can be removed, but the one that Scarlett is carrying looks too big to be the Rosemary:biggrin: