Please can an e acute be found for the Chloe sub forum?

  1. Trivial, trivial, trivial subject, I know. :rolleyes: :shame:

    But I just noticed that, while the Hermes sub forum has an e grave, the Chloe sub forum has no e acute! :shocked: :lol:

    I know that it's somewhat ironic that I'm the one asking, as I don't have one, either, in my nick - but still! :lol:

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope Meg's poor arm is on the mend and not aching too much. :flowers:
  2. LOL!! I totally know what you mean! I notice that everytime. Those accents make a big difference. Accents in French words are just as important as apostrophes in English words, sometimes much more important. I agree that Chloé needs an accent aigu.:yes:
  3. I'll send the man this way... I can never find the accent and get it in properly! :shame:

    The arm is mending... slowly, painfully, and surely!
  4. ^ Thanks Megs and Vlad (I see it's now added!)! :flowers:

    I have no idea how to add an accent, either! :rolleyes: :lol:

    Even Net-a-Porter sometimes have Chlo&EACUTE!!! :lol:

    So glad to hear that your arm is mending. :yes: Sorry to hear that it's slow and painful. :sad:

  5. Thanks for your support, purple! :flowers:

    Now, how did you add that accent...?
  6. Merci beaucoup Megs and Vlad!!
    Chloehandbags, I'll PM you!!:smile: