Please block brat402012 - love to buy & return


Jun 20, 2009
This buyer is on a buying spree and bought this bag from me, which was authenticated here and I know is real. I knew something was up when I saw the number of bids and immediately after the auction they started sending me emails, in all CAPS, wanting to know if it is real.

I should have followed my instinct and asked them to cancel because as soon as they received the bag I got more emails stating they are taking me to court and they have a lawyer because the bag is fake. They opened a case with eBay who of course sided with them, and suggested I should have gotten a receipt from a store, because those aren't faked! Really? They can counterfeit money now but making a receipt from a store is hard to do??

Anyway, the bag is on its way back, my paypal account is negative, and I am done with selling on eBay.