Please BEWARE of FAKE LANVIN FLATS on ebay....

  1. I was going to post this in the "Authenticate this shoe" section, but since (1) I'm 100% certain these are not authentic, (2) members may be going to eBay in search of this shoe in various colors (as I did tonight -- in search of a past-season color)....I thought I ought to post this here to alert everyone.

    While searching eBay tonight for a past-season Lanvin flat color, I came across this auction and also a bunch of completed listings by the same seller:

    Could not believe my eyes!! Take a careful look at the photos -- the heavily wrinkled leather in particular. The leather version of Lanvin flats NEVER come with that type of leather. I've worn & kept track of Lanvin shoes for 3 years running, and while they've used two diff't types of patent leather (depending on season/color) for their flats, no Lanvin flat EVER come swith that type of heavily wrinkled, cheap leather. I wonder if the material featured in the photos is even leather....or pleather?

    Just about all the other details on those counterfeits seem to check out (have to say those fakers got really good with that one, copied every single stitching), BUT obviously they got the MATERIAL totally off. Also, note that all of them come as "New Without Box" -- I bet they couldn't figure out which season goes with which colored box....and the dust bag featured looks like a mis-match given the shoes are labeled as from the "River 2006" season.

    The sad thing is the seller has already sold numerous pairs of these fake Lanvin flats, all labeled as guaranteed authentic & w/ Barney's receipt -- check the feedback. I realize that Lanvin is still a cult brand not well-stocked at all the dept. stores, and many people don't live near a Barney's or haven't ever seen/felt/tried on real Lanvin flats before buying them online. But I feel for those buyers who paid $300+ a pair, fell for the whole scam, and even left positive feedback!!

    Oh, and guess where the fakes are from? Check IOFFER -- they are all from ioffer. As soon as I saw those eBay photos, I thought they were an eerie reminder to some of the photos I'd noticed when I was on ioffer earlier this month checking up on the listings that stole my photos from here on tPF.

    LESSON LEARNED -- even shoes on ebay can be faked nowadays, even cult-favorite brands like Lanvin (sad). It's no longer just Chanel or LV bags being faked these days. Key thing is to always KNOW the product before bidding and check the photos in-detail. If the price is too good to be true, it's probably a red flag. And I've also learned now that when in doubt, check ioffer -- if a listing looks suspicious and the same item (or similar pictures) is on ioffer, chances are it's fake.

    Ebay still has lots of great shoe sellers and the vast vast majority of shoes (to date) are authentic (unlike bags), but buyers really need to do more research nowadays and KNOW their product!


  2. Thanks for the info!!! Although i am too scared to buy anything on ebay this info is quite helpfull...
  3. great thread foxy. I never buy anything from ebay until I've done my research and this is exactly why. Everything under the sun can be faked and it always makes its way to Ebay.
  4. Foxy - Thank you for doing this, you have really opened my eyes to the fake shoes on Ebay. I have come across many fake Louboutins ever since you mentioned it. I just can't believe that shoes are being faked! Please, buyers beware. But this is not to say that there are not good authentic deals to be found on ebay, it just takes research and knowing the product you are buying.
  5. How can you tell if a Louboutin is fake on ebay?
  6. while i do not doubt those flats are fake (the vamp looks a little high, imho) i have seen lanvin flats in the smooshy leather. this leather is not "cheap," as it is similar to to leather used by other high end brands. i have not seen it used for the flat colors, but i have seen metallics irl in the smooshy, more pliable leather.
  7. I had no idea that there were fakes (shoes) out there!

    Thanks for the heads up, foxycleopatra! :flowers:

    There are Fake Loubies aswell?! :censor:
  8. the MJ mouse shoes I have in my avatar are widely faked on Ebay. Most folks can't tell though because they've usually never seen a pair IRL. The dead giveaways are always the cheap looking leather, wrong box, and wrong color font on the insoles.

    once again do your research before buying anything and please report fakes if you spot them :smile:
  9. Thanks for the sad! Such a beautiful shoe copied :tdown:
  10. Who knew shoes were so widely faked now...I am especially shocked that they are faking shoes without kind of figure they would copy the LV, Gucci and Chanel logo shoes but the fact that CLs and Lanvins are copied now is disturbing.
  11. Thats sad that they are paying that much for fakes. I just got a pair of Lanvin on sale for the same price.

    Chloe shoes have been faked for a long time also.
  12. yep, i noticed this, too! such a shame that people are being taken. there have been lots of lanvin fake dresses coming up for auction as well. it makes me crazy!

    JUST noticed that the same seller selling the fake Lanvin flats posted new auctions TODAY for ***what appears to be*** (from the photos at least) authentic Louboutin's -- and the hottest best-selling styles. Mix and match huh?! I have no idea where those photos came from (b/c the photos of the Louboutin's listed today all check out to be 100% authentic with me).....but I doubt if the seller will send out the exact shoes photographed, or something totally different (i.e. a fake).
  14. This is very disturbing. And not to mention that this seller cannot even spell Christian's name correctly.
  15. Thanks for the heads up.