Please bear with my rant...

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  1. Well, I feel so envious of you guys able to buy whatever LV bags you like. I currently just went back to doing my degree, so I switched to working part-time instead of full-time and I really miss going on shopping spree whenever I want like I used to. I'm so not used to getting less money to spend and having to save so long for one LV... :Push: :crybaby: It's really depressing... :sad:

    Joining PF has been really great but it gets my LV wishlist growing longer and longer each day... Oh, I have so little self discipline..! :shame:

    How should I make my wait seems less torturing? I always tell myself that the more it took me to save, the more I'll appreciate the item when I finally get it... Oh, who are we LV addicts trying to kid? :rolleyes: We just need more and more LV...NOW!!! :lol:

    :hysteric: Enough of my rant... Now, please excuse me to admire your lovely LV collections... :drool:
  2. I'm feeling you!!! Ever since this forum, i've been wanting so many things. I'm trying to save up for the leather onatah:heart: , but since I haven't started my job will be a while. I honestly don't know if I can make it. I already cracked and bought something on ebay :shrugs: (small purchase..but still). Sometimes I just have to get something, even if key holder or whatever to get my dose of LV. With my luck, by the time i have enough money the onatah will be gone:crybaby: .

    Think of it this way, after you're done with your degree you can treat yourself with several LV pieces every few days. Hang in there girl!!! Btw, what piece are you planning on getting?:nuts:
  3. Yea, I'm exactly like that..! Some time ago, I feel that I HAVE to get something from the perfo line before it is discontinued and I've gotten a fuchsia bandeau... :shame: But didn't regret and it kept me happy for a while... :P Now whenever I feel too depressed, I thought of getting a card holder or a cles but still can't decide on which line to get, so maybe will wait for the azur to launch first... :P

    Oh, I don't think a fresh grad can earn that much over here, so don't think can get several pieces of LVs every few days... lol. But I'll be contented if I can get 2-3 pieces a month... :P Oh, my list is so long, it's endless... :shame: But I'm definitely getting a cerises speedy soon which I had wanted for so long ever since it's discontinued. ;)
  4. haha i know what you mean. bein on the PF makes u want soo many more bags..

    teehee. but sweetie your sitll working so u can still get them eventually.. dont feel too bad about it.. alot of us are in teh same boat..

    i have an issue that i buy and then can barely live the rest of the month. like i cant go out AT ALL. and i jsut moved to a new city so thats pretty sucky
  5. I say wait for the azur to launch too, maybe a cles in azur would be nice.

    I understand completely, I just graduated and will start my first career-job soon but the pay isn't that great. With repaying my loans, i'll be lucky to be able to get 1 piece a month!! Oh the cerises speedy is nice!! I saw a cerises speedy 25 from ~ ~ Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller. It has a patina but the condition is pretty good. I don't know if it's possible to find brand new condition anymore. Good luck withe the cerises!!
  6. I don´t have much money to spare and I feel the same way on some days. Then I just try to remember to appreciate what I already have. When you´ve saved up and finally buy something, it will mean so much!
  7. i know exactly how u feel. dont worry, you're not alone. im studying full-time, working part time... ive to support my rental and all. and my bag purchases. im sooo broke.
  8. Oh, been there and done that too, though not too extreme... :shame: :sweatdrop: But I try not to do that again, the guilt is too much to bear... :Push: It feels so much better to spend without guilt, to buy an item with savings rather than suffer afterwards. But then again the torture now is the wait... :sad:

    Oh, thanks for the kind words and assurance... *hugs* :flowers: Hope we will both get all the LVs we want... eventually. ;) :lol:
  9. Oh, thanks for the link..! I'll check it out now... :nuts:

    Which LVs are you eyeing..? :graucho: :P
  10. Thanks for the kind words..! I'm constantly reminding myself that too... :yes: Just needed self discipline... :P
  11. Oh, we are so similar..! We should motivate each other then, that should keep us going... ;) Nice to know that I'm not alone... :P
  12. hehe i know what you mean.. but i impulse buy and then think oh ****.. haha.. my family all think that im crazy

    i keep saying yes later when im older i wont buy any bags cuz ill have all the ones i want.. bu i kno that this is a lie.. haha.. hopefully ill grow out of it
  13. LOL... I always tell myself that this bag is so worth it coz it's gonna last me till I'm 40 years old (or longer than that)... :shame: But then again, a woman just can't have enough bags, so no matter how many bags we buy now, we'll still buy more later in life... :sweatdrop: :lol:
  14. yes definitely. and its crazy how hard we're willing to work for our bags. lol
  15. Oh, I'm with you 100%! With 2 kids in private school (one is High School) the budget is stretched pretty thin. I keep telling myself that when the tax refund comes in (I file in January ASAP) that a chunck of it is for my purse obsession.

    I try the little purchases also, my last LV purchase was the double bracelet, so I wear it every day and just keep working on my list!