Please be honest, what do you think of my new color/cut?

  1. Okay, so I've been bouncing back and forth for awhile now, about whether or not to dye my blonde hair darker. It can be such a pain and a hassle to have to touch up my roots and I haven't found a new stylist down where I am that I trust enough to give my hair to.

    So, I decided to go back to my natural color (kind of a blondish ashy brown). However, I just don't know if I like it yet. I like the cut (my stylist at home showed me the cover of Elle with Reese Witherspoon and was like, this is how I'm cutting it!), but even though I know it's my natural color, I'm very iffy about it.

    So, be honest, what do you guys think?

    (Sorry about the bad quality of photo of the new hair...taken oh-so-nicely in the grocery store by the SO.):rolleyes:

    Old hair: (with my roomie)

    By hatshept, shot with DSC-P41 at 2007-10-08

    New hair:

    By hatshept, shot with VX-8550 at 2007-10-08
  2. Love it! It looks fabulous!
  3. Oh I like it MUCH better. You look so good!!
  4. I love looks great on you!
  5. I think the color in the first pic blended too much into your face, made you look kind of "flat" in color
  6. The color is much, much better. I love the cut as well. You need to tip your stylist big-time. She's a keeper. :smile:
  7. I love the new look. The color is beautiful. So soft and pretty!!!! Total keeper.
  8. You look less washed out than with the first color. Love the new cut and color.
  9. LUVS it! It looks great. Both color and style are really becoming.
  10. OMG I love it! The color looks more natural on you and that cut is killer! It looks so good on you! I've been wanting a new cut and haven't found one I really like. I must get my hands on that copy of Elle!!!
  11. Love it! I've wanted to cut my bangs like that for a while but I'm just to dang nervous that I wouldn't like it (I haven't had bangs since I was like 11 and it took me forever to grow them out). It looks great on you!:tup:
  12. Wow-whoever did your color did a great job-it's beautiful! Don't go back! (love the cut too)
  13. I LOVE the cut!! It is exactly like Reese's! But I must honestly say that I liked your hair darker. Not that you look bad or anything, but I feel like the brown made your skin rosy.
  14. You look GREAT in both pics.. I like your hair in both.. ;) But, I do like the new hair color and the cut is to die for... pretty girl.
  15. i love it -- you look amazing!!