Please be gentle in answering my DUMB question

  1. Can someone please tell me the definition of "Indie" (did I even spell that right) designer? I have checked the internet, and I still don't get it:shame: :huh: I mean, I think I get the overall concept, but is there a definition?:flowers:
  2. in the music industry... indie means independant...
  3. ahhhhhh! yes, ok! indie is short for independant! WOW! the lights are coming on now! Thank you! MZVTEC!
  4. Yup...I'm an Indie Jewelery designer because it's just little ol' independent me. I'm not sure when you 'stop' being an Indie designer...I know a couple who have hired employees because they've become so successful but they are still Indie. :smile:
  5. ok. So, if you design for brands, but you have your own brand too, are you still indie?
  6. I suppose so... still indie designer :flowers:
  7. Thank your for clearing this up for me. Whew. I think I finally get it now! I am just ever so slightly slow, sometimes. :oh:
  8. Honestly, I don't know the answer to that. My instinct would be no because you've broken out and are branching into the commercial world. But then again I could be wrong. It's happened a few times before. LOL :rolleyes:

    There's a great website called Indie Finds that celebrates and promotes Indie artists. I'm a member and it is great. I've met some amazing (and talented) people!
  9. dont feel bad i just figured it out myself lol
  10. Heavensent -- who makes that fabulous chocolate bag in your signature? It's gorgeous!
  11. I always wondered, too. thanks for asking for all of us!
  12. Remember, there are never dumb questions. No one knows everything and those who think they do are dumber than we ever were!

  13. Exactly!!! :biggrin:

    How could we possibly learn anything, without asking questions?
  14. Thank you, everyone!
  15. Indie designers rule!

    Sorry, couldn't resist :biggrin: