Please be careful when purchasing Christian Louboutins on ebay!

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  1. I bought a pair of Bruges on eBay and received them today....they are FAKE! I could tell immediately because I have a pair that I know is real (they are from Saks). I am so upset. Luckily the seller is agreeing to take them back and give me a refund. I didn't realize that there were fakes floating around that actually say Christian Louboutin on them. These are not knock-offs, they are actual replicas. Anyway, I just wanted to warn my fellow PFers so that the same thing does not happen to anyone else. I am very disappointed. :sad:
  2. Wow, that sucks. I've been thinking about buying a pair on eBay, but was too afraid something like this would happen. If you don't mind me asking fashion_junky can you post the seller so that we will stay away.
  3. yes please post who the seller was
  4. yep, can you post the auction site so that we can have a look at how close to real the fakes are. This is disgusting isnt it :sad:
  5. I purchased and received these two shoes off of ebay but i now think that they're fakes. 1st off, neither has a serial #. Don't all Louboutins have serial numbers? Also there's no "vero cuoio " imprinted in the soles. Isn't this common of all Louboutins? What are some other characteristics of authentic ones? Does shoe # 2 even come in Gold? After looking on Nieman Marcus's website, I see only silver or black. Thanks folks! Seller is Rayland
  6. Jinx sara! :biggrin:
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