Please Authenticate

  1. Hi Dawn, this should be posted in the Authenticate This Thread on top of the page, but before you bother doing that...NO...definately fake. Out of the 5 Avery's on eBay only the 450.00 BIN one is real and the Rose colored one. The rest are Ioffer fakes. And someone is going to pay over 400.00 for one!!!!
  2. Thank you so much!!! I am new to this website and don't really know how and where to post. But I will figure that part out. Thanks for your help I sincerely appreciate you saving me the big bucks for a fake. Where would you suggest that I purchase my Kooba?
  3. There are some good eBay sellers and you can get some good deals but as you've seen with the one you posted, there are fakes too. Must be careful, always post the auction listings here in the "authenticate this Kooba" thread and we'll do our best to help you. There are a lot of experienced people here who really know Koobas. That said, you can also check places like Neiman Marcus (and their outlets, Neiman Marcus Last Call), Bergdorff-Goodman, E-luxury, Bluefly, Active Endeavors, Pink Mascara, Adasa, Saks (and their outlets, Saks Off Fifth) and a new place I found - a boutique in Aventura, near Miami, called Jessies. Other members will add some other places, I'm sure.
  4. I posted to your question in another thread that ShopBop has an Avery for 416.00 with a free shipping code available. I know it seems pricey but a Real Kooba is not going to come cheap.