Please Authenticate this YELLOW/MUSTARD

  1. :oh: Hello everyone. I love the blog, just recently found it! Anyways, I've had this yellow, mustard small B that my auntie gave me a year or two ago, she got it in Europe straight from the "factory" she says. Well, I never thought it was real, but I just got a skyblue day hobo and they seem pretty similar. Now, either my hobo is fake too or the yellow one is real! I've read that the leather of B bags are always very different. My blue dayhobo is much thinner and softer. While the yellow one is thicker and stiffer. I have a good quality camera so I can take really close up pictures of the yellow looks kinda crackly. Is this FAKE? Yicks!
    b1.JPG b2.JPG b3.JPG b4.JPG b5.JPG b6.JPG b7.JPG sky.JPG
  2. picture #7 makes the bales look square, but maybe it's just the angle... could you show a picture of the whole bale?
  3. what are bales? i apologize for my ignorance! if you mean the round ring thing, it is definitely round.
  4. btw, does this color even exist? no one seems to post about this color! yeeks
  5. The inside lining should be black - it looks royal blue in the first picture.
  6. there's the round thing, then the clip that attaches to it. the bale is the metal part that is attached to the clip...
  7. yeah, this is suspicious too!

    dmc, there was a mustard yellow in '03 though.
  8. THe lining is DEFINITELY BLACK! It looks navy in the picture but black in person.
  9. the metal part that attaches to the clip is round. and then there's a swirly metal part that ends in a rectangle metal thing that attaches to the leather strap. hope my explanation is clear. what do you think?
  10. here's a picture of the bale. i'm scared....
  11. The circled portion is the bale.

    I wish you well,

    Balenciaga 07 with circle.jpg
  12. DMC, it's fake.

    ..but don't worry about your sky blue, I'm pretty positive that one is authentic ;)
  13. yea i thought so. SAD, but expected. the bale part looks so different from the one bridgetS posted. the leather is quite tough too. oh well, at least it was a gift. wonder if i can sell it on ebay as a faux balenciaga. maybe somebody will buy it!

    I sure hope my sky blue one is authentic!
  14. Why sell it? Just donate it to charity if you do not want to keep it; quite frankly, you can keep it because it was a gift, or donate it so that you are not supporting counterfeiting.

    Selling it, even as a fake bag, is wrong; it is a counterfeit bag and should be treated as illegal.

    Sorry, just my .02 - I feel very strongly about counterfeit merchandise; it is a bad trade with dangerous consequences. :noworry:
  15. GREAT point!