Please authenticate this site for me

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  1. Listen, if you want a Dior handbag just pop down to the shop one day and purchase one. You can always call the shop(s) and ask if it's available, they may even be able to ship it for you... With that website you'll either save £150 on a real bag or waste £150 on a fake bag!! Too risky IMO.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I live in Finland, no possibility to find Dior selling shops in this country. :sad: But I shall save my money and wait til I go on a vacation again, then maybe i get lucky. I wasnt sure about that site, so thank you very much. :smile:
  3. Oh and my apologies beforehand on little typos..:rolleyes:
  4. They are fake.
    I'm looking for authentic prada and gucci handbags at wholesale.
    Have you guys ever heard of these sites? Authentic or real?
    Avant Garde Accessories
    red tag party
    authentic gucci 2 u

    all .coms
  5. Go to All of their merchandise is authentic and they sell Dior. Great company!

  6. don't ship internationally.
  7. Hey everyone!

    handbagcrush definitely sells fake bags. They steal some pictures from other websites, and when they can't (and use their own), their bags are fake. Their Dior Cannage drawstring bag is 100% fake (the leather is too smooth and looks inaccurate, the Dior logo is too bolded, and the interior lining should NOT be the cannage should be the Dior monogram).

    For the best website ever that sells authentic Dior, Chloe, Balenciaga, and other brands (and ships internationally), try I purchased two Gaucho bags from them very recently and had a wonderful experience. A lot of PFers have purchased Chloes from them as well, and had wonderful experiences too. Here are the links to my thread and Modema's (both of us bought from

    And you can use PayPal to pay with them!
  8. Stay far away from designer bag wholesale sites! They are all fake!