Please authenticate this seller

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  1. Hi all lovely girls ;). nice to meet you. I'm a newbie here, and i'm thinking to buy a chanel bag from someone called "brand Genuine" on Facebook. do you guys ever shop from her? Thank you ..
  2. hi.. i have a friend in Facebook called "Brand Genuine" and she sells pretty bags and lower price. she said she is an editor in paris. She asked me to pay via western union and i already did it. but now i'm just afraid and have doubt :sad: that maybe she won't send me the bag.
    this is the link :!/profile.php?id=100001294343335

    can anybody please help me? or maybe you have experience buying from her?

    thank youuuu
  3. i guess maybe you couldn't open the site. but maybe you can open this site "authentic stuff" , facebook link :

    owned by my friend, and then check the friend lists, and you'll find a name called "Brand Genuine". please help.. I think my friend already paid her. just wanna know any of you guys know that "brand genuine" and have experience shopping from her?

    thank you
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    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    Hi, I can't see this page (not registered on facebook) but I would say I haven't seen any authentic bag on facebook yet. Aslo, remember you can't buy high end bags like LV or Chanel online anywhere except

    Hope it helps a little.
  5. thank you elliespurse.. seems like it's a wrong decision from my friend :sad:
  6. Could you perhaps talk to the bank and try to stop the payment?

    I think I'll also clarify that you can't buy these bags new online. There are resellers for second hand bags though..
  7. i don't think so. She paid through Western Union to Paris. she said that the seller told her if she is an editor from GLAMOUR mags in Paris and editor from some photoshoot and fashion show. that's why she can get the bag with lower price and resell them.

    Right now I still don't know if the seller is fake or not, because she said the bag will be delivered tomorrow. The problem is the seller gave my friend a wrong DHL tracking number (from the shipping), and my friend couldn't track it online. if she's a 'real' seller, why she gave my friend wrong number? rite?

    but if we do accept the bag later, i'll definitely inform to you guys :smile:.
    so many thanks for your help elliespurse.

  8. by the way is it true that and editor sometimes don't have to pay for the branded bags for photoshoot or pay for them with a very very low prices?

    any idea? or info?

    thank you
  9. I think Megs here on mentioned that they are just borrowing bags for photo shots..
  10. just curious how this all turned out???

    i was debating on some bags from Brand Genuine on facebook too??