Please authenticate this LV Wallet

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  1. Fellow LV Enthusiasts:

    I am considering buying this wallet. If someone could please help me determine if it is authentic, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me directly at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (note there are two v's in the email, not a w).

    Thank you very much,

    3ec7_1.jpg 5fe3_1.jpg 68ff_1.jpg 842e_1.jpg 5849_1.jpg
  2. Hi and welcome to tPF!!!

    For future reference, please post ALL authenticity questions here:

    You might also want to read over this:

    Also, it's not really necessary to post your e-mail addy to get a response back from someone... just post in the authentication thread and check back to see if anyone responded to your post. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.