Please Authenticate this KS...

  1. Can anyone authenticate this? The description reads "striped lining," however all of the models I've seen in Macys have a pink lining with polka dots. Did she make one with stripes? Thank you in advance...

    Also, is this real?
  2. Welcome to the forum :flowers: I would need more pictures to determine if it's real or not. That one picture is awfully fuzzy. They should have front/side pictures as well as any labels close up and readable. Hardware would also be helpful.

    As for the second one, my instinct is it's fake, but there aren't enough pictures to tell for sure. I'd ask for more pictures to tell.
  3. That second one really looks fake to me as well. I have never seen a KS bag like that, and that dot interior is just not right. It's very similar to a lot of Liz Claiborne bags I've seen lately, though. I should add that my experience is mostly with KS in the past couple years, though, so I could be wrong.

    BUT, the first one is a relatively new KS bag. As far as I know, the Tarrytown version of the Quinn is from this past fall on up (they are still on the site right now in different colors). And yes, there is a striped fabric. In fact, it appears she copied and pasted the description right off the KS site( I am pretty sure that's a real KS, especially because her styles change so fast that it doesn't make sense for the fakers to even try to copy them.

    But, you still need more pictures just to be sure. Like rothjess said, you should get pictures from the side, and I'd recommend some of the inside pockets, at least one closeup of the label, some of the hardware on the bag(showing the KS logo), the handles/straps, and even closeups of the stitching.

    I will also tell you that my Wellesley Quinn has become my favorite bag. I change my bags out all the time, and I keep coming back to it. Even over top of my LV pouchette and my vintage Chanel. It just goes with everything and make any outfit look put together and classy. Great all-around bag.