Please authenticate this Kate Spade bag

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    I have this bag / purse for about 3 years. I was wondering if it's authentic the American Flag is sewn inside the purse in the side zipper. I wanted to sale it on Ebay but I want to make sure it's authenticate.

    Please help and thank you so much in advance!!
  2. the flag tag is too far away to see clearly, but the tag itself looks OK

    however, the rest of the purse makes me doubt it is authentic. does it not say "kate spade" anywhere on the bag? and is there no KS hardware on it? the lining doesn't look very kate spade to me.
  3. I know I didn't put enough information in the question I'm sorry. Yes, the name kate spade NEW YORK is on the side of the purse at the bottom kate spade is in lower case letters and NEW YORK is in Caps. Kate Spade is on the magnatic snap (the hardware) where is closes. The flag on the inside pocket says Made in the USA. The outside of it feels like wool of some sort.:confused1:

    This is my first time on this site so I hope I get this posted right.
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    The overall style, the metal feet, and the interior "made in" tag all look authentic to me. The "Kate Spade" label you described sounds right. Some of her bags have engraved magnetic snaps and some don't, so that isn't really a factor in determining authenticity.

    The only thing throwing me off is that lining. That really doesn't look like Kate Spade to me. She almost never uses a wild printed fabric like that for bag lining, especially when it doesn't really "go" with the rest of the bag (purple floral with a red wool bag?). The details look right, but the lining is telling me something is wrong.

    Do you have a picture of the Kate Spade label?
  5. There are two pictures of the little flag and the lining is loose it's not fitted and tight on the inside. The name tag on the side is sewn all the way around it good and tight.

    Hope this helps

    Thanks everyone:sweatdrop:
  6. This picture might help some people decide. I agree with pmburk...I'm torn because of the lining. Everything seems right, but it's a strange/atypical choice for kate spade. seems like it came from the fall 2000 'Belted Tweed' collection. I say it's good!
  7. Although the lining is such a bizarre choice for KS (but apparently it is correct), so I'm going to vote authentic. It has too many things that are "right" about it to be a fake, IMO.
  8. that's totally weird label placement for that one on the side. and those type of black labels are usually only on the nylon collection. i vote fake, sorry.

    try posting on the discussion forum for purses and accessories on ebay, because there are some amazing Kate Spade experts there.
  9. Did you check out the second link I had to the website? It's usually a pretty reliable source for kate spade collections, especially older and rarer ones.
  10. oops, sorry.... you're probably right.